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Monday, July 21, 2008

new game news site up

So I love the video game industry and all that but it is a drag trying to blog 40 posts a day (or whatever is considered frequent these days). So I built a little service that goes out and sicks bots on the top game blogs from around the net and intelligently gathers up relevant news in one spot. I changed up the collective a bit to reflect this new change in direction. Anywhoo, if you want the latest and greatest video game news, the gamer collective is your source :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

what's left of younewb

just lol'd my arse off at how younewb is now an ad squatter site. funny and sad at the same time.

the gamer collective gets news!

So during my off-time, I was able to put some decent effort into the making the news section of the gamer collective, the best video game news site it could be.

I'm not doing any kind of editorial placement of any of the stories due to the news engine being ran by a pack of rabid robots. I let them loose on the web a few days ago and they've been pretty decent at fetching relevant news. So if you're keen on staying up to date with the latest video game news, the gamer collective is where you want to be.

Also note that if you see anything amiss, or have something you'd like to see me add to the site, feel free to let me know at curtis@thegamercollective.com