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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Devil May Cry 4 demo not all in-game footage

Not all too surprising but the Devil May Cry 4 footage being shown recently (e3 and tgs) wasn't all in-game PS3 footage.

Since then, two trailers have been shown for the game -- one seconds-long teaser clip at E3 this year and then a longer teaser video shown at the Tokyo Game Show. Given how early the game is in development, Kobayashi notes that the TGS trailer was not created entirely using in-game footage like the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at the same show. "It's actually kind of split [between in-game footage and CG]," says Kobayashi. "For example, Dante's movements and some of that stuff is actually in-game, but some of the special effects are still just things that we had going [for the trailer]."

Getting closer to being able to play ripped games on your Xbox 360

Looks like some hackers/modders found a way to exploit the demo discs that got sent out with the retail Xbox 360 demo kiosks. They haven't done anything too significant with it yet, just get more videos from other reigons, but this could mean that those who aren't afraid of voiding their warranty won't have to wait much longer to be able to play ripped Xbox 360 games. Or so it would seem.

[via kotaku]

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Japan and US to have the same Blu-Ray reigon code

This would be oh so awsome if this stayed true for not just BLu-Ray'd movies but games as well. According to IT Media and GamersReports, Japan, the US and East Asia will share the same Blu-Ray reigon code. Meaning that you won't have to do any kind of tom foolery to get your Aisan imported media to play on your US device, and vice versa. While the Playstation 3 doesn't get mentioned specifically, I would think it would be safe to assume that since the Playstation 3 will be a Blu-Ray console, you would be able to play only-released-in-Japan Playstation 3 games on your US bought Playstation 3 console. I would think it would be safe to assume that, but then again, I'm no fortune teller. We'll see how this pans out but it would be pretty cool if my assumptions were correct. As for Europe? You guys get the shaft...again. You'll share the same reigon code as Africa but a different one that the big three that were previously metioned (see above and quit skipping thru articles moron).

Enchant Arm goodness

A lot of Enchant Arm goodness has come to light recently. Mostly just a new trailer, tv commerical and some images. Well, not mostly, that's about it. I'm interested in seeing how this one turns out since it's the first major Xbox 360 RPG. If it comes out before The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that is. I also would like to see how many DVDs these next-gen RPGs will be taking up. I guess not so much "next-gen" as just Xbox 360 RPGs since the Playstation 3 will most likely be riding the Blu-Ray bandwagon.

Nintendo DS moves millions...Sony PSP who?

The Nintendo DS has sold more than 5,440,000 units (5.4 million but written out it seems even more impressive) 13 months after the console was launched. Sales were slow at first but once some actual games came out the DS began to build some momentum. Reaching a fever pitch with the release of Nintendogs. Things keep getting better for the DS with Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing DS doing some impresive numbers as well as driving sales of the Nintendo DS as well. If I had to compare the Nintendo DS timeline to the Sony PSP's, I would say the Sony PSP is still in "needing a Sony equivalent to Nintendogs" stage". Seems like the PSP is trying to do a little too much, with all the RSS reading, web browsing, video watching and such. Games haven't really been a high point for the DS. All of the recent news I've heard about the PSP have been related to firmware versions, feature additions and it's hackability. Not much, if anything, on the actual games. Will that ever change?

and we're back!

and by "we're" i mean just me. I think Hans is still on break so I'll start to rev up my posting here thru the next week. I'm still in vaca-mode but I 'll be in full swing starting next monday...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Are GamePro reviews plants?

And not just are the reviews bought by the companies that made the game that the review is about, but does GamePro determine what their content is based on who buys ad space in their mag? Recently EGM's main man Dan Hsu lashed out at rival video games magazines for basically having no journalistic integrity. While he didn't name any specific names, he claimed that these other mags would give in to publisher demands as long as they bought some ad space in the long running mag. Well, one of the magazine companies Hsu was lashing out against could have been GamePro. Why is that you ask? Well apparently, Gamepro recently gave the as yet unpublished Dead or Alive 4 a perfect score. That's all well and good, the game could very well be close to perfect. But now word is coming out that Dead or Alive 4 maybe be delayed yet again. So, how do you give an unfinished game a perfect score? Just one of things that make you go hmmmm...

Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays

Slim updates for the next day or so. I have way too much shopiing to do and like 6 hours to do it in. Wish me luck and if I end up in a scuffle, remember the Alamo!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Full Auto trailer and release date

Coming to an Xbox 360 near you on February 14th (perfect valentine's gift for the significant other don't cha think?) is the somewhat anticipated Full Auto. After watching the newly released trailer, I would have to best describe it as a cross between Twisted Metal, Project Gotham Racing and Burnout. If you like blowing stuff up into million of little pieces, this one is for you.

Stream music from your mac to your Xbox 360

You know you want it and TwonkyMedia (a dlna certified media server) may be able to give it you. They claim to be able to allow you to stream music and pictures to your Xbox 360 (along with a slew of other devices). That's good they open up the Xbox 360 to macs but will you be able to play your iTunes-downloaded music?


Tried to tune in to some tv gaming goodness over at G4 the other day but when I got there, they had the Man Show on. WTF is up with that!?! Where the hell is this channel going? First they get rid of all the tech goodness and now I read somewhere (too lazy to look) that they're firing more personnel from the gaming side of things. I'll start my own gaming channel, I'll call it "this channel is about games and gamers, if you didn't come here for gaming goodness or happened across our magical channel on accident but are now disappointed that it is for gamers...eff off" or "tciagagiydchfggohaomcoabandtiifg..eo" for short. the bastards...

Half-Life 2 goes 64-bit

Valve has released 64-bit versions of Half-Life 2 to current Half-Life 2 owners via Steam. This article doesn't really mention any rela change in gameplay, just that it now works on 64-bit systems. I guess this can be seen as a kind of stepping stone for Valve, a precursor to the next Valve game that will probably make better and cooler use of the 64-bit-ness to give us Half Life 3. Maybe.

Previous Halo 3 post...bogus

I probably should have noticed it sooner but that "Reserve your copy of Halo 3" picture we posted earlier is a fake. Arguably the largest Halo fansite, halo.bunie.org, got wind of this a few weeks back and broke it down. Proving that it was nothing more than a poorly executed photoshop mock-up. Maybe not so poor if it fooled a lot of us (including digg.com).

Most Awsomest gamer t-shirts ever

I know this site, jinx.com, has been out for a while but I never really took a look at it until now...i shouldn't have waited this long! these shirts are friggin funny...

some of personal favorites include:

nobody reads my blog (not really gamer but...this is a list of MY personal favorites...)

as well as "Warcrack...My anti-job"

and "Social Engineering Specialist" with "Because there is no patch for human stupidity" on the back

the awsome "pwn(star)"

and the anti-drug "I press jump to get high"

and the lovable "master chief is my b!atch"

Xbox Live gamers get Diamond Cards

In an attempt to make Xbox Live all the more attractive to non-customers and to show some appreciation for the "early" adapters, Microsoft is giving Xbox Live subscribers their own "Xbox Live Diamond Card" that comes with your gamertag on it. What can you do with this card? Get discounts at certain retail shops (Hollywood video), free sandwhiches (Quiznos) and even impress your friends

Halo 3 closer than we think?

Looks like some stores are beginning to accept Halo 3 preorders with these official looking in store banners. They state the game is coming out in 2006. does this mean we should be getting some official news sometime soon? With Halo 2, Bungie caught some flack for showing a Halo 2 demo at E3 more than a year before Halo 2 was released that ended up not being anywhere in the released version of the game. From watching the behind the scenes footage that came with the Halo 2 special edition disk, it seems like that demo took a lot of development time that could have been spent on the final game. Could it be possible that with Halo 3, Bungie is just focusing on the game first and when they have that close to completed, or close to having a good idea of how the final product will be, then they will release some more information? Hopefully we'll get some kind of formal announcement (I know we will) before the game is released. Bungie hasn't even admitted to even be working on Halo 3, referring to their next project as just their "next-project" and even "Pimps at Sea" sometimes. I guess we'll see sooner than we think.

You know what...on second thought, Bill Gates said in a Times article not too long ago that Sony would walk right into Halo 3 with the Playstion 3 launch. Maybe Bungie keeping mum on the release date is part of some kind of strategic planning on Bungie and Microsoft's part. Maybe the game is closer to being finished than we think if they're hoping to release it in time to soften the Playstation 3 launch. That would be interesting to see. I don't think Microsoft/Bungie would need to announce Halo 3 far in advance to build buzz, as soon as they do, people will want to buy it. Here's to hoping we get some kind of Halo 3 goodness soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Play Zelda: Twilight Princess on your Nintendo Revolution

Turns out the reason Zelda: Twilight Princess was pushed back was due to the Zelda development team adding in support for the Nintendo Revolution's unique controller. And no, you won't have two seperate games or any fussy nonsense like that, you can put the disc in your gamecube for a while, then plunk it in your Revolution to experience the wonderous amusement (we're just taking a guess at the whole wonderous amusement thing, we haven't played with it yet) that is the remote-styled Revolution controller. Here's some more details on exactly what you might be able to do with your Revolution controller.

3DO Interactive get's a blog

The been-defunct-for-10-yrs-and-running 3do Interactive console was released to much appraise and little consumer interest. The way too expensice price-tag (i think it was more than $700 at the time it was released) probably didn't help it become the living-room power house it was supposed to be either. But anywhoo, there is now a blog dedicated to letting the world know what they missed out on when the whole world collectively passed on the over-hyped machine. Oh well, I sooo rememebr playing the way_slow Rise of the Robots though. How far we've come indeed.

Unreal Tournament 2007 confirmed for PS3 launch.

Official Playstation Magazine states that Unreal Tournament 2007 is going to be a Playstation 3 launch title. The Playstation 3 launch is alledgedly in the Spring of 2006.

read more | digg story

Christmas Flash-game

From eyezmaze's grow game collection (i don't think there's an offically a collection but the do all start with Grow so maybe there should be) comes Grow Ornament. Just in time for christmas too. The grow games are a bit different than your typical flash game, you basically have to try to "grow" the items to their fullest potential, here's a good description from the TIGforums

...the player is asked to add a collection of objects, one at a time, to the playing field, with the goal of enabling each of them to "grow" to its ultimate form. the player observes cause and effect in the objects' interactions with one another, and ideally deduces which order to play the objects in for the best result.

So go ahead and have some unique gameplay fun while you're spending the day either trying to not-work or not-shop. Enjoy!

King Kong game has alternate ending

Peter Jackson wanted players of the King Kong game to be able to explore a different ending then what movie goers will be seeing in theaters (and have been seeing in theaters every few decades when a new Kong incarnation gets released). In this unlockable ending, you can actually save King Kong and get him back home. From PJ himself,

"I wanted the game to be able to take the audience a bit further than what the film could," said Peter Jackson. (told you he said it) "And the final climax of the game gave us an opportunity to do something that the film could not do, which was to have an alternate ending - obviously everybody pretty much knows how King Kong ends."

And about the alternate ending itself,

To unlock the alternate ending, players must complete the entire game and then go back and play through various maps and earn a total of 250,000 points - which is within reason and definitely worth the effort. Other un-lockable features include several Weta Digital concept art galleries, interviews with both Peter Jackson and Academy AwardR winner and co-writer Phillipa Boyens, an "old movie" filter, a King Kong theatrical trailer and more.

I just hope you're not playing the xbox 360 version since if you are, you probably can't see what's going on in the game anyway. You could imagine your own custom King Kong ending. Maybe in your version, Kong learns to read and speak French and goes on to become a Nobel Peace prize winner and grower of large pumpkins and lopsided cucumbers. To each his own I guess.

Blizzard shuts down 18,000 World of Warcraft accounts

Just in case you happend across this post without reading the title, Blizzard has laid the smack down on 18,000 accounts due to most of those account doing naughty activity like farming for gold and items. From Blizzard:

In keeping with Blizzard's aggressive stance against cheating in World of Warcraft, we have permanently closed more than 18,000 accounts over the past three months for participating in activities that violate the game's Terms of Use.
A majority of these accounts were found to be using third-party programs to farm gold and items. Such actions can severely impact the economy of a realm and the overall game enjoyment for all players.

We will continue to actively monitor all World of Warcraft realms in order to protect the service and its players from the negative effects of cheating. Please note that selling World of Warcraft content, such as gold, items, and characters, can result in the permanent removal of the involved accounts from World of Warcraft.

A portion of the account closures announced today came as the result of tips reported to our GMs in game or emailed to hacks@blizzard.com by legitimate World of Warcraft players. If you suspect that a World of Warcraft character is using an illegal third-party program to farm gold or items, or is otherwise violating our Terms of Use, please report the suspected infraction via one of the means listed above. All reports will be investigated, and those that prove false will not result in corrective action.

Thank you for your continued support, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!

-Blizzard Entertainment

Xbox 360's [EM]Enchant Arm

Here are some new pictures from what I say is the Xbox 360's first major (and most important) RPG, [Em]Enchant Arm. It's looking good so far but hopefully it'll be more than a Final Fantasy clone, not that a Final Fantasy clone would be all that bad anyway.

CBS victim pleads for an Xbox 360

Not CBS as in the most engaging television network since PBS. This is a more serious CBS. It is the Console Boredom Syndrome. This 22-yr old IT professional has it bad so bad that he has setup a website for people to give him money to buy an Xbox 360. I wonder how much he's recieved so far and if he's gets enough to get an Xbox 360...why didn't I think of this first!

By the way, have I told you about my affliction? I have recently come down with GHIASGMM (aka the "Gotta Have It All So Give Me Money" disease). So please, donate all of your money and as many antique collectibles as possible. Just send me the checks and I'll take care of the details :)

Microsoft's Xbox 360 on track to meet expectations

Microsoft has stated that they're on track to meet thier projected Xbox 360 estimates of 2.75-3 million units out in the wild as many retail outlets begins to recieve their second shipments in the next few days. Just in time for christmas too. Media Play will not be one of these outlets since they are closing down and haven't not been recieving any new shipments of anything for the past few weeks. Some retail outlets will not even advertise the fact that they're getting new shipments, like Best Buy and Circuit City. You may have some luck giving them a ring and talking to an employee but they're going to go quick.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ninety Nine Nights pics

Some more pictures have popped up online for the upcoming Xbox 360 game, Ninety Nine Nights. It looks to be similar in gameplay to the Spartan Total Warrior game I reviewed recently but I'll be damned if it doesn't look pretty sweet. Why couldn't this be ready in time for launch? The Japanese audience would love this...I think. Also, wasn't this game supposed to be Japan only? I hope not. Releasing this stateside would add to the Xbox 360's diversity and give it's lineup some more spunk. Who cares how much it costs to localize it, bring it stateside dammit!

AQ Interactive to release games on each next-gen platform

"Each next-gen platform" meaning games for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and even the Nintendo Revolution. Aq had a press conference recently (liek yesterday or the day before in Japan time) and gave the full rundown on the studios that are teaming up to publish under AQ Interactive and what games they have lined up.

Xbox 360 Dead or Alive 4 kiosk brings Japan to life

If you've seen any pics of the Xbox 360 release in Japan, you would have thought that the Xbox 360 carried some kind of "don't buy me" disease, crippling the many Xbox 360 fans who for sure wanted to purchase but obviously couldn't. Nah, that wasn't the case. Surprisingly so, the Japanese weren't sent into a frenzy the very minute Call of Duty 2 was available. What subdued the Xbox 360's lunch in Japan was the fact that there wasn't any killer-gotta-have-it-now game tailored to the Japanese audience's taste. By the looks of these pictures thought, Dead or Alive 4 seems poised to change all of that. As Microsoft is surely saying right now, here's to hoping!

EA lowers profit expectations

EA has warned Wall Street that they're expecting profit to fall way short of what they were shooting for. They don't expect this to last just for the holiday season either.

However, even more worryingly, EA doesn't believe that the problem is restricted to the holiday sales - and has also said that it will affect its projections for the fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from January through March.

Titles including James Bond: From Russia With Love, SSX On Tour and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - all games from well-established franchises - are among the games witnessing slow sales, the company said.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that maybe the fact that there were no breakout games released this year had something to do with it. Just maybe don't you thnink EA?!? I don't recall droves of people rushing out to by James Bond: From Russia With Love, not at my local Best Buy anyway. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Pac Man acted out

Some University of Michigan students in full on Pac Man costumes (pac man and a ghost)lightened up the mood at their university library during finals week. If you care for your fellow students, you would do the same thing...wakka wakka wakka!

Handmade Katamari figures from ebay

Can't get enough of Katamri related goodies these days? eBay has what you need. Hand-made, hand-painted life-size resin figurines of the various cousins of the Prince. Get'em while they're hot (and by hot we mean "cool", not that they're "hot" as in stolen...which I guess they totally could be since we've never met this eBay seller in our lives. Maybe you have and can vouch for their validity. Eh, who cares, katamari is katamari).


Xbox 360's Dead or Alive 4 pushed back a little bit further

Temco's Dead or Alive webiste still says the Xbox 360 game will be out this holiday season so they have to release it this year right? Due to the reported online issues Team Ninja has ran into trying to get the game released, they decided to push it back an insey-winsey bit further, to December 28th. Will they release it this month? The 5 Xbox 360 gamers in Japan sure hope so.

City of Heroes and City of Villians gets hacked

Some 733t |-|axor brought some City of Heroes and City of Villian servers down last night. Said hacker said he used the same unpassword protected software the developers used to remotely access their own server. He even set up a message board (CityofHacked, how clever and witty!) where victims of his haxor prowess can complain and praise him.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Preview now up

Nothing too shockinlgy new but temxbox has some more info on the upcoming up-to-200-gameplay-hours Xbox 360 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The 200 gameply hours kind of scares me since 200 hours is a long time and 200 hours is a long time to dedicate to one game. Rest assured though, the game can take 200 hours if you do all the optional, and probably pretty fun, side quests and the like. If you stick to the main path, you can expect to tbeat the game in a more reasonable 20-25 hrs. Ah, that's better.

EA rights a wrong

You may have heard a few months back that how Madden NFL 2006 crashed and burned on the Sony PSP when a player would try to play franchise mode. This ticked off pretty much everyone who bought the PSP title and they were exaclty pleased with EA's seeming nonchalanct additude toward the whole muck-up. Well, now they're offering to replace your bum Madden NFL 2006 PSP disk with a shiny new one.

Per our earlier communication, we have been working on a long-term solution for the Franchise Mode bug in the PSP version of Madden NFL 06. While we know the workaround we provided earlier works, those still experiencing the issue can now get a replacement PSP disk for the one you currently own. The new disk has revised software that will solve the Franchise Mode issue. To receive a replacement disk, please send your current disk (no packaging) to the following address:

EA Customer Warranty
Attn: Madden PSP
209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065
Included in the package, please include a note with the following information:
Your name
E-mail address
Phone number

Once the disk is received by the EA Customer Warranty team, please allow up to 10 business days to receive the replacement disk. In addition to the replacement disk, you will also receive two coupons for use at the EA Store, http://eastore.ea.com/. One coupon will allow $15 dollars off any item listed at $15 dollars or more. The second coupon will allow for free standard shipping on any order placed at the EA Store. Both coupons are to be used separately and can not be combined with any other promotional offer. We appreciate your support and apologize for the inconvenience that this issue has caused.

Do your last minute shopping for the gamer in your life at Best Buy

With these two coupons (which you should be able ot print out and take in) give you $10.00 off any game over $29.99 and $5.00 off and the Greatest Hits (and other system equivalent) titles.


Gamespot's Best of 2005

Gamespot has released their "Best of 2005" list and it's nothing too surprising. God of War is all over the list (Most Metal, Best New Character, Best Voice Acting and Best Original Music) which is cool and all but I'm satisfied that my Shadow of the Colossus made the list because it rocked my world.

Hackers hard at work on hacking away at the Xbox 360

A Dutch hacker group is claiming that they are getting closer to cracking the Xbox 360's copy protection, which would enable the system to play pirated games. All they have been able to do so far is work out a way to copy the contents of a game disk onto the system's hard drive. I guess they even released the tools to do this somewhere, probably in some corroded, underground bunker guarded by heavy set bodyguards. They are still working on getting the system to recognize and play this copied content. History dictates that they will crack it eventaully but as for now, I'm sure that someone on the Xbox 360 dev team is laughing at the percieved futility of someone trying to crack the Xbox 360. I'm also sure that soon, that those laughs and chuckles with turn to bittersweet tears. It's only a matter of time.

The Nintendo DS selling like hotcakes

While we're struggling to determine how well the PSP is doing stateside, the Nintendo DS is selling something fierce over in Japan where 299,000 units were moved during the week Mario Kart DS was released while Sony sold around 86,000 units in the same period. The Nintendo DSs big sellers were Mario Kart DS (moving 219,000 copies) and Animal Crossing DS (which moved 121,000 copies).


Sony to ship 6 million PSPs by year's end

Sony is saying that they're on track to ship 6 million PSPs by the end of this year (2005 for those not keeping score). Now shipping is totally different that selling by don't count on Sony to give you the number of units they've actually sold. Count on the harborers of truth and justice, market information firm NPD who says that while there may be 6 million PSPs out there by the end of the year, customer's have actually only bought about 2.5 million of them. Still, having more than twice your installed base out there would be a little much and the shelves at my local Best Buy aren't toppling over in abundance with PSPs. So the actual number may be a little fuzzy but I'm going with NPD on this one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nintendo's McDonalds stunt a "letdown"

As noted in a previous post, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime showed up at a McDonalds in Bellevue a few days back to play some MArio Kart DS with the fanboys fans and word is beginning to trickle out. What is basically boils down to is this, if you're a Nintendo fanboy, the event rocked because you weren't there to only play games. If you work for Microsoft and "crashed" the even to scope out the competition, it sucked. And if you came for the opportunity to let your Mario Kart DS mastery shine so bright it would blind the not-as-competent Mario Kartians who dared to glance in your direction, you were underwhelmed because there just wasn't much gaming going on anyway.

HALO 3!?!?!?

Check out the weekly update at bungie.
"We did a thing called the "Bungie Fair" which as really a big show and tell where the various groups – art, design, engineering, all showed off their work from our next project, some of it in the form of multimedia presentations, some of it in very real, discernable graphics, running as actual gameplay with placeholder graphics. Some of it even had sound effects and music."

I cant imagine what their "next project" could be. If it is Halo 3, the team seems to be moving very quickly. This could explain the long development times for Halo 2, and the sudden abrupt end to the game's story. This is just speculation, but perhaps the two games were being developed along side each other...... Rumors will fly, no doubt. We may never know exactly what is going on right now, but we can rest assured that whatever the "next project" is, bungie has a running demo of it. At least they are doing something else other than constantly tewaking online game play and banning cheaters...

Two pictures that sum up the Xbox 360 in Japan and in the States

The Xbox 360 launch in Japan compared to the launch here. Now why can't we get one when we want one here while they have an abundance over there? No worries, I'm still waiting on Halo 3. Which, by the way, seems to be coming along quite nicely if you've read the last Bungie.net weekly update.

This week, every day has felt like a Friday. We did a thing called the "Bungie Fair" which as really a big show and tell where the various groups – art, design, engineering, all showed off their work from our next project, some of it in the form of multimedia presentations, some of it in very real, discernable graphics, running as actual gameplay with placeholder graphics. Some of it even had sound effects and music.

So Halo 3 is somewhat playable. Now that I've totally let Halo 3 hijacked this post...on to the next one...

The OG of video game journalism

Gamasutra has an interview up with Bill Kunkel who founded "Electronic Games" back in 1981 with a bud named Arnie Katz. And no, he doesn't dig the Xbox 360 or the recent Tony Hawk games (I say keep'em coming!).
You can't keep a good Game Doctor down, and Kunkel still has a few things to say about the state of the industry. "My big problem is that they kill these systems too soon," said Kunkel. "There's no other consumer product like that. Imagine if the video format changed every three years. You look back at the Commodore 64, and near the end of its life companies like Cinemaware were distributing games that were almost indistinguishable from early Amiga products. It clearly had life in it."

"Sony's smart!" he continued. "You don't come out with a new system THIS YEAR, people are just learning how to do stuff on what we have. The Xbox 360, to me...it's a very questionable system and a very questionable idea. I say, let these system have ten years, let developers find all the little tricks. It's like if you're a painter, and they give you a million more colors to paint with every three years. 'But I need time to experiment with all these colors!' you might say. No. The canvas keeps getting bigger, and ideas are getting smaller. There are so many sequels, and so few new ideas."

"No more Tony Hawk games, okay?" The Game Doctor concludes. "We've had enough goddam Tony Hawk games. I don't care how much you love Tony Hawk games, you don't need any more. Just stop it."


PC Gaming not dead...yet

Looks like Daniel Morris over at Next Generation doesn't think that Pc Gaming is dead just yet. Why? Because of the currently changing ditribution models for delivering gaming content to pcs. While I don't think PC gaming will ever die in the same way that atari isn't really dead since there are a few dedicated souls out there who still play the antique console, why would I pay $4,000+ for a good enough pc to play a game that I can play on my Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 for $300-$400? A game that looks as good, if not better, than it's pc counterpart. Doesn't PC rule online gaming though? Not anymore.

In the console environment, you get to thrash (or get thrashed by) your friends online in recent and popular games. While your trigger finger may not twitch as fast when using an actual controller as opposed to a mouse and keyboard, the end result is the same. Online fraggin and noob taunting for all. Well, what about the casual gamer? I can only play Bejeweled on my pc and I gots to have my Bejeweled on my Bingo nights! Then my dear old Grandma, you need the slow-burn magnificance that is the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Xbox 360. Bejewled? No problem.

Sure Civilization 4 was awsome on the PC (so I've heard...) but is that something that cannot be achieved on the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3? I doubt it. Even if Civ 4 could currently only be achieved on the PC, it won't be long until it's one upped by Civ 5 (or something similar) on a next-gen system, Playstation 5 or the Xbox 720 if need be.

So why are strategy games like Civilization 4 way more popular on the PC than a console. Simple, because the people who dig these type of games are more likely to have good enough PCs to fully enjoy. The early adapters if you will. These early adapters usually have the latest gaming console hardware too don't they? They do but the best PC games were usually PC exclusive. I say were because the best PC franchises are coming to the Next Gen systems. Half-Life 2 even came out for Xbox for crying out loud (nevermind the fact that it may have issues on the Xbox 360...shhh). You'll even be able to play some of these next-gen Xbox 360 games along side pc users, Final Fantasy XI being a prime example.

In the interest of full disclosure, the last time I was really into PC gaming was back in the Warcraft III days so I don't have the latest and greatest. Right now, I only see Massive Multiplayer Online gaming as PC gaming's biggest plus. As soon as the MMOG takes off on the console's (as it's bound to do)...I see pc gaming declining even further. Am I just jealous because I can't partake in the World of Warcraft glory without my pc's emitting a thick foul smelling black smoke, signaling the death of my integrated Intel Video Graphics card? Not really, I'm not in a rush to pay $15 a month to have the life sucked out of me just yet. If I was able to get the same soul-sucking experience for around $30 without having to mortgage all of my worldly possesions...I may be interested enough to take a serious gander. But hey, Brian D. Crecente of Kotaku fame doesn't even play WoW that much so us console-over-pc-ers can't be missing too much can we?

Official Xbox 360 mag to get Final Fantasy XI demo

Futre Publishing's Official Xbox 360 magazine will get a second demo disc that houses the actual Final Fanatsy XI online Beta itself. This Final Fantasy XI beta will be free for the entire run of the beta itself. Looks like the disc will come with the February issue.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion vs Street Fighter Ryu

Nice little fan made Flash ditty about Ryu happening across an interdimesional portal that takes him into Mortal Kombat land where he battles Scorpion. The flash is pretty well done (the timing of the fight and all) but it is a bit corny.

Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime spills some Revolution info

Yesterday, Nintendo's executive VP of Sales and Marketing took on all comers in Mario Kart DS over Nintendo's WiFi network at a McDonalds in Bellevue Washington and during the even he apparently made some intriguing comments. He stated that the classic controller expansion for the Nintendo Revolution's controller will look like the Gamecube's Wavebird controller. That's all nice and dandy but the real golden nugget was the fact he noted that Sega was "intrigued" by the Revolution being backward compatible. Intrigued is way too ambiguous for me to think that anything is happening for sure but it does get me a little excited when I think of being able to play old school Sega games on the same machine I'll be playing old school Nintendo games on. I just hope Sega reaches far back and gives me some Alex the Kidd action.

Save your neck during your marathon Halo 2 sessions

Don't you hate it when you're playing [insert game of choice here] for hours at a time and after a while, you neck goes bad? It hurts to look left or right or even down but your head is tired so you have to? Then you do and you almost snap your neck because it's so stiff? Fret not! This gamers pillow will save your life...if you live in Japan.

[raw feed]

Final Fight streetwise isn't cancelled just yet!

Looks to be alive and kicking and quite corny.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Xbox 360s at Best Buy

My local Best Buy is getting around 50 more Xbox 360s this SaturdayThursday, is yours? If you're so inclined give them a call and ask them. They'll proabaly be pretty upfront on when they're expecting more.

Spartan Total Warrior

I'm still playing this one. I don't know if that's because it's actually pretty good or if I was just bored and the kids were using my Xbox (hence no Halo 2).

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Xbox 360 won't go HD-DVD on you

No the Xbox 360 will not hop on the HD-DVD bandwagon (that really only Toshiba has hopped on). Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans (yet) for releasing an HD-DVD version of the Xbox 360. Hmmm, Xbox 360 luvrs get DVDs...Playstation 3 fanatics get Blu-Ray.

Nintendo DS covers

The perfect Christmas gift for the Nintendo DS'er in your life. Leather Nintendo DS cases for the fashionally inclined. Nice.

Hands on with the Nintendo Revolution controller

The oh-so-lucky Chris Morris at CNN's Game Over column got some intimate time with the Nintendo Revolution 's controversial controller . He basically dug it and also noted how the controller improved his first person shooter game, enabling him to control his character a little bit better and shoot and aim easier. What has my hear all a twitter is the fact that Nintendo Revolution controller looks to be about 20 controllers in one. Chris gets to use the controller as a kind of joystick in a flying demo, a fishing pole in a fishing demo as well as in a Metroid demo. If nothing else, the Revolution will be flat out fun. Kind of exciting and gives us gamers something new to look forward to. A break from the latest impressive graphical feat or technological wonder and getting us back to the basics of having fun.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Need to decompress?

3 straight days of fraggin noobs in Halo 2 on Xbox live leaving you feeling a little twitchy? Relax and lower the adrenaline with the Take-Two Interactive's fictional Stacker . For those not in the know Stacker is "a first-person vertical-crate-arranger guaranteed not to influence young people's behavior in any way". Oh Onion how you amuse me. The best quote...
"We're just giving kids what their parents say they need," said Take-Two vice president of marketing Allyson Spicer. "In today's economic environment, it's foolish not to listen to the people who dislike everything about our products."


J Allard's Xbox 360

Looks totally J Allard for two reasons...1. It's way cooler than your Xbox 360 that you don't have and 2. (i couldn't think of anything witty or funny so feel free to do so yourself in the comments...)

Not sure what to get your grossly-rich gamer friend?

How about a suede steering wheel that starts at $1,003 or a $ 65,000 holographic tv? Heck, you know you're friend already has 5 plasma tvs, but does he/she have 30-flat screen monitors laid out on one wall? Didn't think so and for only $252,000 it's a steal. And by "it's a steal" i mean "you're going to have to steal it because we all know you won't last the 10+ years without eating since that's how long it will take to almost be able to afford this flat screen decadence". More obscenly expensive gifts over at chris morris' Game Over column.

Mario Kart DS has it's cheaters too

And by "cheating" I mean using a totaly valid in-game trick to go a lot faster than you're probably supposed to. Does this take away form the wonderous fullfillment that is Mario Kart online? If you can't perform this snaking trick then I would guess so.

speak of the...

That unreal post I made a few posts back was before I saw these screenshots. Wow. No way the game is going to move slow enough for me to enjoy the minute detail but what do I care, it's not like I'm good enough to actually play the game seriously. Besides, no way I'm going to spend the thousands of dollars it'll cost me to upgrade my PC to the point where I can play it. Just give it to me on my next-gen console and I'll have it made in the shade with my pink lemonade. Real men drink pink lemonade.

Need an Xbox 360, move thee on over to costco...asap

Apparently Costco has just recieved a large shipment of Xbox 360s (according to kotaku) that will most likely be wiped out by the time someone who needs one reads this but, eh, we do what we can. The WalMart/Best Buy/Circuit City near your house? Still doesn't have one...trust us.

More Playstation 3 love...Unreal Tournament 2007 to look better than good on PS3

Hot dang, looks like Unreal Tourney 2007 will be all out madness on the Playstation 3. Sounds nice and all but I'll need some screens or movies to make a believer out of me.

Want Final Fantasy VII on the Playstation 3?

Then sign this petition that will probably be overlooked and that will have little bearing on whether or not your Final Fantasy VII on Playstation 3 fantasies will come true. Nevertheless, you will always have your misguided hope.

Getting a Spartan into Dead or Alive 4

Bungie community mouth-piece Frakie put up a piece on how a spartan (named Nicole) made it into Team Ninja's upcoming (soon hopefully) Dead or Alive 4 . Turns out, Team Ninja wanted the chief himself (who wouldn't?) but Bungie wasn't too keen on that idea. Since they liked the idea of a spartan in a DOA game,  they basically invented up a spartan, fleshed out her backstory, gave her some sweet sounding moves, the whole nine...here's her backstory:
Nicole was born in the year 2531 in the city of New Legaspi on Mars. At six years of age she was abducted by agents of the Office of Naval Intelligence and conscripted into the Spartan II program. The Spartan II program was the UNSC's highly successful military project to augment and hone perfect soldiers.

SPARTAN-458's unit was preparing for a classified mission on Nassau Station when the ONI stealth ship Apocalypso tumbled into real-space – being carried along in the wake of a freak slipspace anomaly. The anomaly intersected Nassau Station; creating a semi-stable "bubble" in the space/time continuum on its way back to the 21st Century.

For the time being Nicole-458 is trapped in the 21st century; guarding Nassau Station's secrets with all but lethal force (she realizes killing someone in the past could have dire consequences), waiting for the "bubble" to collapse and hopefully returning her to the year 2552.

Very cool and still Halo universe related. Still no mention of Halo 3 anywhere...ho hum...


From Ubisoft to you: Don't play King Kong on the Xbox 360

If you really have the urge to show your console some Kong lovin', do yourself a favor and pick up the King Kong movie game adaption for the Xbox or Playstation 2 and not the Xbox 360. Why? Because Ubisoft's own Yves Guillemot said so. Turns out that the Xbox 360 version of the game was developed on mmostly HD tvs but when released to the general public, the non-hd-tvers noticed that the game is way darker (something I noticed in the demo alone) than it should be. I wonder if future Xbox 360 games could fall into the same trap?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Spartan Total Warrior

Just got done playing me some Spartan Total Warrior for about 2 hours (not all together but you get the point). In Spartan Total Warrior you play a Spartan (surprise!) who calls himself The Spartan. You start off helping your fellow soliders defend Sparta and end up going to a wide range of locals thanks to a voice in your head (one of the gods) who tells you what you need to do next. The game is basically a hack-n-slash game in which you gain items and coins to boost some basic attributes (power, life, etc)..I dug the game. It's fast paced and thanks to a decent controllable camera, not confusing. You just go to town on as many enemies as you can completing objectives along the way.

Thankfully, you aren't alone in your quest to whoop arse. You start off with a few pals and along the way you meet up with more characters. What brings these characters to life are the not-too-shabby character models and the ecellent voice acting. For me , so far at least, it never came off cheesy or corny.

Overall, the game is good but it isn't perfect. What keeps it from being perfect is it's tendency to get repetitive. With games of this type, that's an easy trap to fall into. It's not horribly repetitive but it does have it's moments. With that said it is worth picking up if you're a hack-n-slasher or a fan of the whole Greek-Roman-Gods theme. To sum up my review I'll say it's worth $40.00 out of $50.00.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Someone needs to make this happen

So the Guillermo Del Toro has been talking to Peter Jackson and Bungie about helming the Halo movie. Seems like what it comes down to is scheduling (and probably a bigger wad of cash). Del Toro is doing Hellboy 2 no matter what. Whether or not he does Halo seems to hinge on whether or not he'll have the time to direct it after finishing Hellboy 2.

Friday, December 02, 2005

possible director for Halo movie

Word is Guillermo Del Toro might be directing the Halo movie. If so, I'm the first one in line to see this movie...

Frost yourself

For some reason, I feel the urge to get a bedazzler.
the "frost yourself" came from many wife-mandated viewings of "how to lose a guy in 10 days". and by "wife mandated" i mean, "of my own choosing because that movie rox".

Perfect Dark Zero has rockets a la Halo 2

And apparently, it's pretty fun. Being able to guide the rocket itself to it's destination after you've fired it off sounds like fun.

Xbox 360 Sells Out Within Hours in the UK

Color me not surprised.

Pac Man robot game

Someone actually built a little robo-Pac Man game, with ghost and everything. Kewl.

Xbox 360 haute couture

WTF is "haute couture" anyway? I'm not sure but I think this Louis Vuitton Xbox 360 cover fits the bill. At least it gives the Louis Vuitton-ers a reason to pay way more for an Xbox 360 than us normal folk would...suckers.

About that PSP firware upgrade, yeah...don't do it

Seems like people are experiencing some PSP oddness after upgrading their PSPs to firware version 2.6. This guy is seeing his PSP reboot while trying to play SOCOM while others are getting locks up or reboots when they try out some of the new functionality (like skipping through a wma format file).

Only 3% of Xbox 360s are defective

or that's what Microsoft is saying. Apparently that is below the average for new consumer electronic products. We haven't really heard about too many more issues since launch. I guess we'll see how the European launch goes but so far so good. Considering that Microsoft is selling every Xbox 360 they're making, I would say they're sitting pretty nice right now.