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Huxley (for the Xbox 360) movie

A moment of silence please....

Official PS3 site

Will Wright Spore video

PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Revolution

arstechnica digs into the Xbox 360

New Maps for Halo are Delayed...

New Writer

Xbox 360 Dead or Alive HD trailer

Factor 5 to go with PS3 over Xbox 360

Xbox 360 to play nice with all kinds of devices...

Shadow of the Colossus E3 report

Race on

Unreal engine on PlayStation 3 demo footage

Halo killed?

Castlevania on the Xbox

Quake 4 E3 movie

Xbox 360 press event video

Sony PS3 press conference video

And alas, the controller

PS3 pic too-many-to-friggin-count-enjoy-the-shiny-colors

PS3 pic 4

PS3 pic 3

PS3 pic 2

PS3 pic uno ("one" in spanish....or so I've heard)

Xbox 360 IS backward compatible

PlayStation 3 coming at cha in 2006

Halo 3 confirmed

PlayStation 3 coming soon...real soon....

E3: Nintendo Revolution news

E3: Xbox and Xbox 360 news

In-game Footage of Xbox 360 Test Drive

Proof Windows is bad for Billboards

Some Xbox 360 launch titles

small blurb about the Nintendo Revolution

Xbox 360 Ghost Recon screenshots video final pic is up...

That's it?

Not over yet?

Oh schnap

Ryan "needs no more hair product" Cabrerra

My wife doesn't understand

Perfect Dark Zero DeathMatch

J Allard you dirty tease

Music Videos, wtf?

Suckin Fhit

Want to see a real life Katamari ball?

Nintendo's Revolution coming mid-2006

Microsoft and EB Games tag team store-goers

Xbox 360 to make you say OH!

Perfect Dark Zero

Quick UT 2997 screenie

Unreal Tournament 2007 details

Nintendo teams up with IGN

Xbox 360 game Dark Sector trailer

More Xbox 360 Specs Released

Rockstar announces new game

Xbox 360 media remote control

Latest Ourcolony picture confirms skinability

Real Xbox 360 pic?

Nintendo Revolution 3D talk not true?

Paris Hilton is pro-PSP, anti-uncoolness

MTV lets out Xbox release date month

When animals attack the green carpet

Xbox 360 hands on reports start to trickle in

Next Xbox Logo

Violent video game bill moves forward in California

Next Unreal game to be more...unreal.

Famitsu gets Team Ninja to spill next-gen projects

Edge to have feature on next-gen Xbox to celebrate 150th issue

Arg ye land lubbers!

Xbox 360 goodies

Get your Street Fighter on

Gamespot puts up Tomb Raider: Legend trailer

Bill Gates metions some Xbox 360 tidbits

Shadow of the Colossus