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Way to go Bloyce!!

Sega shows off games running on latest Xbox 360 dev kits

Prince of Persia 3 info

Trailer for Xbox 360 RPG eNCHANT arM

"Super Xbox" seller/modder gets jailtime

Gameboy Micro to possibly launch on Sept 13th in Japan

Forget blaming video games, why not look into football?

God of War coming to the big screen

Doom trailer

Penny Arcade's NES collection

PSP Xploder for the Sony PSP

Star Wars Episode III DVD release date

PlayStation 3 could be playable at Tokyo Games Show

Play games on your iPod

more details on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

42 games in development for Xbox 360

PSP cafe

Xbox 360 preloaded content revealed

Everybody loves katamari...a lot

Fitty cent speaks on upcoming game

Destroy all humans get Hollywood treatment

Sims 2 worse than San Andreas? it is according to JackThompson

Get in the game with the body pad

Don't listern to us, Sega's arcade hardware isn't what we said earlier

Take-Two Interactive Software might sue Action Replay

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas getting pulled from stores

Alien Hominid creator's next game

Resident Evil 5 on theway to X360 and PS3

House of the Dead 4 arcade board not X360 based

New Zelda available to preorder

That crazy Kutaragi is at it again

Kids plays Xbox 360...most likely costing his Dad his job

Telltale to test episodic gaming waters with "Out from Boneville"

Casual games mint their own money

Marvel vs DC on next-gen consoles

Xbox 360 Need for Speed Most Wanted

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion interview

Brando's voice won't be used in Godfather?

Granny got game (and apparently turrets)

Shadow of the Colossus gets pushed back in Japan but not in the US

Nintendo has an Xbox too!

Astro Studios on designing the Xbox 360

Calling all Castlevania freaks

Xbox 360 Call of Duty 2 screenshots

More House of the Dead 4 love

Mario wants you to get smart, einstein smart

Key chains for people with taste

Games Market Europe open for bidness

House of the Dead 4

Xbox 360 preorders running out already

Xbox 360 dev kit

Interview with Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment

Japanese House of Dead 4 flyer

Quake III in real...real-time

"Fully-Realized Interactive Drama" Facade is released

Some Xbox 360 dashboard pics

Where do controllers come from?

Alien Hominid is coming to the GBA.

Big Xbox 360 event planned for Japan

Triforce hates Wimmin In Gaming

Making of video for Xbox 360 MMO Huxley

Shooting games are oh so hard...

New Xbox 360 Gears of War screens

Project Gotham 3 for the Xbox 360 screenshots look to real to be in game..but they are

Senior Yahoo! director says important skills can be learned from MMO play