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Microsoft might license Xbox software

A game with no violence?

With balls like that, what's not to love?

Max Payne goes to Hollywood

J Allard all Xboxed up

GameLab making casual games for casual gamers

PS3 vs Xbox 360

NBA Live for Xbox 360 screenshots

Japanese Developers working to revive Japan

Nintendo Revolutoin poster

Xbox VP Todd Holmdahl gets interviewed

DS more popular than the PSP in Japan

The 7th Annual Independent Games Festival coming to a festival near you

Bringing back the arcade game

You can't stop the funk, you can only hope to contain it

38 games on your tv

World of Warcraft skin

Half Life 2: Lost Coast HDR screenshots

No more Mario for Gamecube

Microsoft and NVIDIA reach deal for Xbox 360 backward compatibility

Vin Diesel to play hitman in...Hitman

Sony PSP swap trick hack


Microsoft planning on making Xbox 360 a digital music hub

Japan to get Xbox 360 in December

Xbox 360 to have 20 launch titles

Tetris block tries to make it in the real word

WoW hits hits (passes?) 2 mill mark

Interview with Xbox 360 designer

Kutaragi hearts Xbox...

Politicans love videogames

Leak of the Revolution Controller?

Nintendo Revolution specss leak

Real Men Knit

ATI claims Xbox 360 has edge over PS3

Microsoft to land deal for Halo movie?

Xbox's Far Cry Instincts trailer is hot like fire

Kutaragi speaks, dishes on Playstation 3's HDs

Sony can't get dev kits out fast enough

Some Stargate ingame footage

Some Video Game commercials

Nintendo DS gets cracked

Kutaragi slings more next-gen mud, touts PS3 as the end all

Nintendo contest winners to get special edition DS's

List of Nintendo games that will be downloadable on the Revolution

Final Fantasy XI will be different on Xbox 360

Games you can play and finish in a day

World of Warcraft adds 2 new Battlegrounds

Revolution downloads won't be free

Too Good to be True

China gets World of Warcraft

Nintendo to have WiFi hotspots for DS by the end of the year

Ninja Gaiden Black to be cheaper than Ninja Gaiden

StarCraft Ghost preview

Making your own music in Star Wars Galaxies is bad

True Crime 2 video

Microsoft might take a hit with the Xbox 360

Prey E3 video

Xbox and Xbox 360, Side by side

QUAKE 4 Xbox 360 footage

GTA on the PSP pics leaked

Miyamoto's not playing many games these days...

PC gaming soon to be extinct?

Making the Xbox 360 a Japanese success

Blizzard axes 50,000 World of Warcraft accounts

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 on the Xbox 360

Could this what Xbox360 box art will look like?

Square Enix spreads the rpg love

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all go after each other