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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Zelda: Twilight Princess for Gamecube and Wii to be the same

Although the Wii version will have different controls due to the Wii controller.

Female clans not too happy with the Miss World Series Videogames contest

Are they being a bit hypocritical?

Star Wars Transformers

Take Two cancels "Snow"

Xbox 360 to get a new RPG from Namco-Bandai titled Trusty Bell

Soul Caliber 4 is on the way

Best Buy ad disguised as Q&A

Immersion can give Sony controllers rumble

Immersion can give Sony controllers rumble

Rag Doll Kung Fu coming to US retail outlets

Guild Wars paases 2 million in sales

The time to buy stock in video game companies is now

The first Blu-Ray movies are being released

New Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots

For the MMO lover comes Massive Magazine

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter chapter 2 trailer

Louisiana's violent games bill gets blocked by judge

EA to buy Mythic Entertainment

AIM gets wired into Second Life...

What I think of Daniel Negreanu's Stacked

I'm a gambling man. I admit it. I'm not a give-you-the-deed-to-my-house type of gambler or anything like that but I do like playing the cards and throwing down on the slots. Recently, I had the chance to go up to the closest casino and test my card skills in this game the casino called Texas Hold'em Bonus. As nervous as I was to play my first real-life for real-money Texas Hold'em game, I didn't do too bad. I did alright for a few minutes, then I proceeded to blow ALL of my money. Man...I stunk. It was just bad. With that being said, you can imagine how stoked I was to be given the opportunity to review Daniel Negreanu's Stacked for the Xbox. Sure I've watched World Poker Tour on tv a few times and even caught Daniel in some games, but I didn't know how good or how big of a poker figure he was so I didn't know what exactly to expect.

Needless to say, the game is probably one of the best ways to improve your Texas Hold'em skillz outside of playing vs. real people. Is the game perfect? No. Some of the little things that annoyed me was how hard it was to find out why I couldn't bet more than $5 at a time. I eventually found out where on the screen the rules were but it wasn't as intuitive as it could've been. And no, I didn't read the manual. Does anyone read the manual, I mean really. That's really the only real annoyance I had with the game.

As far as the good points go, I loved the fact that there are video tutorials done by Daniel Negreanu himself. For a newbie like myself, this was a total godsend. Now I don't have to embarass myself by bringing my little "these are the hands you can get in poker and they're listed in best to worst order" list. While you're playing the game, there is an option to ask Daniel for his advice on what he thinks you should do with your hand. Apparently some people ran into some bugs with this feature, certain tips recycled pretty often and sometimes didn't make the most sense at some times, but it worked ok for me.

So far, in the 5-8 hours I've played the game, I haven't ran across any way to sneakily beat the AI every time and win every hand. That's always good. Setting the AI to mixed difficulty is still keeping me on my toes so the game is still pretty enjoyable for me. All in all, an awsome poker game that's great for beefing up on your Hold'em skills for that next card game with your buds.

p.s. watch this space for some Stacked scwhag contests...i'm pulling to get some goods to give away and if i get my way, I'll be having some contests here pretty soon so keep a look out...

Speaking of World of Warcrat, some gansta actually put up a WoW rap...but he needs some beats

World of Warcraft gets content patch 1.11

THQ not getting in the MMO business anytime soon...

"A number of White DS Lite made for the UK market were stolen in Hong Kong"

Wii inspired Xbox 360 controllers coming soon?

Gamespot digs into Prey Demo pre-release

The average teen is spending only about eight hours a week playing games...

on what Cliffy B will be doing in the future, after Gears of War. “Gears of War 2, I’d imagine.”

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sony's Phil Harrison of the PS3 controller, "By adding the motion sensors to it, as well, we've innovated."

Final Fantasy XIII's "White Engine"

Ruby on Rails on your PSP

Not really, but hey, it sounds cool dunnit!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Command and Conquer 3 screenshot

Some one leaked a Command and Conquer 3 screenshot, quick post it before someone wants us to take it down!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Left Behind the game, coming to a church near you...

Looks like the makers of Left Behind: Eternal Forces are looking to big time pastor Rick Warren's top aide for adivising. I wonder if this means you could expect copies of the game, or at least demo discs, hidden in the many copies of the bible strewn about your church. Interesting, I wonder if he knows that the game also let's you play as one of the bad guys. So basically you can either run around killing sinners while you "praise the lord!" and skip around killing the good-doers, screaming...actually I don't know what you would be screaming but I sure it be something like "have at thee you lovers of all things holy and beautiful, bwaaa!". Has a certain ring to it doesn't it?

Hello RSS subscriber, yeah you!

Just wanted to say hey, how's it goin and, ummmm, thanks for hanging around. Yo.

Poker on MTV via Stacked with Daniel Negreanu

I thought Stacked was out and if it is, someone needs to tell my local Best Buy because they don't know. I'm seriously need to hone my poker playing skills and I'm looking forward to doing so online. Bring it on punks. Anywhoo, MTV is going to be running a special on Stacked and the seemingly made for MTV Daniel Negreanu. The official word:

The Next Generation of Poker Has Arrived with Learning AI, Sanctioned Online Tournaments. MTV Presents: STACKED Poker Television Special to Air on MTV2 on June 2nd and on MTV on June 3rd"

Here's a screenshot of the upcoming show and tourny dates because i'm so too efficient to type them all out...that's right, efficent...

PS3today is laughing at you, not with you

So I go to check out one of my favorite sites for PS3 content and lo and behold...

ok...I'll play your game you rouge...(clicks on link)...

damn you PS3, damn you to heck!

Sony: The PS3 will render your PC useless

Honestly, do any of the Sony execs really listen to what they're saying? The Playstation 3 will replace home pcs? Umm, sure. Just like how the Playstation 2 was supposed to make me wet myself from how real it was supposed to feel and look. Sure. Phil Harrison actually came to my house and told me how the PS3 will make me feel better about myself and improve my personal hygene. Well I say NAY senior Harrison, I will keep my PC and my PS3...in the same room even!

One of my fav gaming sites gets updated

Welcome to the web 2.0 age GamesIndustry.biz! One of the first gaming sites I began checking everyday gets a slick new update. I have no idea because I haven't check the site in a while but hey, it's new to me. You're probably wondering, "didn't he just say he checks the site everyday?". No, no i didn't...