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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yoshinori Kitase of FFVII fame speaks

1up put up part of an interview Mr. Final Fanatsy VII, Yoshinori Kitase, did with the official Playstation Magazine.

One of the more interesting tidbits:

OPM: Hironobu Sakaguchi, who started the Final Fantasy series, recently left Square to start a new company, MistWalker. His company is making two RPGs for the Xbox 360. How do you feel about competing on next-generation consoles against the father of Final Fantasy?

Kitase: I sometimes go out to eat with Sakaguchi, so we have a good relationship. His message for me is something like, "Let's improve each other's quality. Let's grow up together and complete each other's work."

Before Square Enix was Square Enix, when it was still Squaresoft, there were multiple key titles like Mana, Saga, and Final Fantasy within the company, so the teams were sort of competing with each other to make better games than the rest. So a culture like that already existed.

That culture's kind of been extended, after Sakaguchi left. Our intention is still to make good games that impress each other. If you look at the market in Japan, it's somewhat saturated, so it's good to have a rival that stimulates you to do your best. That's our relationship.

Bioware working on two Xbox 360 titles

One of which could be their previously heard about FPS RPG and the second could vary well be the follow up to Jade Empire, the intelligently named Jade Empire 2.

The Hellcube Gamecube skin

Show your eternal damnation pride witht the Hellcube skin.

Playstation 3 gpu isn't as strong as Xbox 360 gpu

Looks like ATI's Xbox 360 graphics card will be more powerful than the Playstation 3's Nvidia solution. Not that it means we'll see better games on one system vs the other, it just gives the Xbox 360 marketing team some more numbers to throw around.

The Inquirer reports that an nVIDIA spokesperson was quoted in the magazine saying that the RSX GPU is basically a slightly less powerful GeForce 7800.

That means that almost a year before launch, there’s a PC graphics chip that is more powerful than the RSX GPU found in the PlayStation 3. And make no mistake, this is not a crazy, speculative conclusion ; this comes straight from the company that makes both parts: the RSX and GeForce 7800 graphics processing units.

Ouch. Doesn't matter much to me though, if the Killzone 2 trailer shown at E3 was realtime, I'm sold. Has anyone heard whether this was real-time or pre-rendered?

Sony to only offer one version of the PS3...maybe

How much do you want to bet that they are going to wait until some Xbox 360 launch numbers and opinions come out to determine whether or not the Playstation 3 will have different models or not. For now though, Sony VP Phil Harrison has stated that they will most likely go with one Playstation 3 version as to not confuse the marketplace.

"Are there two versions of the Xbox 360 that people want to buy, is my question," he continued. "I don't know."

"This is my personal view, not my corporate view, but when I look at those formats, I think it just confuses the audience. They don't know which one to buy, developers don't know which one to create for, and retailers don't know which one to stock."

Japanese developers spill beans on Xbox 360 developement

To sum up the mostly good vibes, developing for the Xbox 360 is cool and all but don't expect us to be blowing people away with this out of the gate titles. Seems like even the developers think it will be a while until this generation's capabilities could be reached. The tightly integrated developing evironment makes it easier to develop and port over exstitng code in to new code bases but the size limitation of the DVDs might be an issue. Sounds like we can expect a lot of multi-disc games.

From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi, who's been working on Enchant Arm, a role-playing game slated to be an Xbox 360 launch title, said developers will also be running into issues of storage space in the next generation. While the Xbox 360 is a next-generation console, Microsoft decided to equip it with a normal DVD reader rather than give it HD-DVD or Blu-ray reading capabilities.

"The volume of data in Enchant Arms won't fit into a single DVD. It's an RPG, so we're thinking it would be inevitable that we release it on two discs," says Takeuchi. "But to be honest, that's even looking grim."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Free Halo 2 map day!

Today Bungie releases all of the maps in their Multiplayer pack for free thru Xbox Live. Log on, get the updates and bask in the glory that is Halo 2 on Xbox Live. These are most likely the last maps Halo 2 will get. Good thing they're being released for free. Playing against the people who had bought it wasn't fun becuase there never seemed to be a lot of them logged on. Oh well, tally ho!

Tekken 5 update coming soon

Namco officialy dishes on thier Tekken 5 update, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. The update will introduce two new characters and a number of new arenas. That's about it though.

Everyone is playing World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has hit (and most liekly passed) the 4 million subscriber mark, with 1 million of them being in the US alone.
"With the continued support of our retail partners, World of Warcraft has reached more than one million paying customers in North America well before its one-year anniversary in November," commented Blizzard president Mike Morhaime.


Nintendo's streak of bad adverts

4 color rebellion analyzes why some Nintendo commercials ( the latest Nintendog spots in particular) stink to high heaven.

16 keystrokes a second

This kid hammers out 16 keystorkes PER SECOND to score 799 Marvelous notes and 49 perfects in Beatmania. Talk about carpal tunnel syndrome.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Valve's Gabe Newell isn't too into the Xbox 360

In the latest issue of CGW (computer graphics world), Gabe Newell hates on the Xbox 360. He isn't too keen on the Xbox360 shipping without a hard drive. I would assume many other developers feel the same way despite what Microsoft says. It'll be interesting to see if the PS3 team does anything with this news of developers wanting systems to ship with hard drives. There isn't much Microsoft can do about it at this point except hope....hope and pray.
p.s. I still think Perfect Dark Zero looks like crap. shhhhh.

Nintendo DS multiplayer games

Have a Nintendo Ds and want more multiplayer action? Brittlefish has a good write up detailing the multiplayer games out for the Nintendo DS so far as well as describing which ones are worth picking up and with ones are worth picking up just to throw away.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Inspired by Nintendogs

Mockup of potential games that would be Nintendogs inspired by made by other studios. Namcobras, Haligators and Segorillas. Nice.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Halo triple threat trifecta

Looks like we (actally EB games since they posted before the press release) were right about the Halo triple pack. MajorNelson posted up the official Microsoft/Bungie press release announcing the Halo Triple Pack:
Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios announced today the "Halo" Triple Pack, a winning compilation that combines the excitement of "Halo: Combat Evolved," "Halo 2" and the "Halo 2" Multiplayer Map Pack into one impressive package. With an MSRP of $59.99, the "Halo" Triple Pack allows new gamers to experience the thrills and excitement of the "Halo" franchise at an attractive price point.
The groundbreaking "Halo" franchise has shattered global video game sales records, selling more than 13.8 million units worldwide and earning more than $600 million in revenue. "Halo 2" destroyed the previous day one video game sales record by amassing more than $125 million in sales within its first 24 hours. The franchise, one of the biggest and most successful in the industry, has also been the recipient of more than three dozen national and international awards, including 19 Game of the Year honors for "Halo 2." Those that are new to Xbox can finally find out what the buzz is about taking them through the entire "Halo" story from beginning to end.

A ton of Gameboy Micro pics

Brian Crecente of Kotaku fame had a Gameboy Micro Fed EX'd his way for him to look over and critique. He took a good number of pictures and was impressed by the screen clarity. Know if I can fashion one into a belt buckle, I'd be all over it.

It's like regular DDR, but with fire!

Say hello to Dance Dance Immolation! The game uses flames to encourage better dancing skills. You mess up a little, some flames shoot out and excite the crowd. Mess up a lot and you'd better be wearing SPF 9000 sunblock or you're getting charred. Looks like good fun for the kids.

Metroid Prime to be WiFi in 1Q 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters is coming to the Nintendo DS in the first quater of 2006 and will take advantage of the Nintendo DS's WiFi connectivity. Nintendo is also giving away copies of a Metroid Prime Hunters single-player mission at the Penny Arcade expo today in Bellevue, Washington.

Is Sony bluffing?

Chris Morris at CNN's Game Over Column considers the fact that Sony may be bluffing in regards to the Playstion 3 being so expensive. He speculates that Sony (mostly Ken Kutaragi) may be talking their console up in order to "under promise and over deliver" and have the Playstation 3 debut at a lower price, undercutting Microsoft's Xbox 360 strategy.

Is the Nintendo Revolution's controller set to be displayed next month?

Spong's sources tell them Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, will be detailing Nintendo's Revolution controller and even a few Revolution games at his Tokyo Game Show address on September 16th. Since this is Spong that broke this story, I'l going to have to take this with a grain of salt, not a large grain but a grain nonetheless.

In other video game news

With all the Nintendo Revolution speculation floating around, 4 color rebellion put up all of the current Revolution controller mock-ups the public has seen so far.

MTV's has this show about people with obsessions called "Obessed". The first show profiles a cross-dressing cosplayer named Albarosa1116. Despite admitting the fact he liks dressing up as Japanese school girls, MTV still never asks him about the cross dressing. Yeah, "single and dating" my foot.

Microsoft plans to talk more about their Japan plan of attack the day beofre the Tokyo Game Show officially begins on Septembet 15th.

The Penny Arcade Expo starts today!

The latest DOOM movie trailer is looking pretty good. Not awsome but good enough to be intriguing. This new trailer aslo has a lot of the FPS sequence shots they showed off at ComicCon.

Get some background on hit-makers UBisoft and some insight into how they plan on dealing with powerhouses like EA.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Halo Movies

Check it out! Vote for your favorite halo movies Here. There are some really good movies in there. I was impressed by the music videos.

The Codex is a series that I just finished watching and is very well done. It is almost as good quality wise as Red Vs Blue but with a more serious tone. Check out the Codex here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PSP 2.0 firmware update now available

The US version of the 2.0 firmware upgrade for the PSP is now available via direct download or through the wireless Network Update feature on your PSP. Download it and enjoy the new web browser.

More detailed Xbox 360 specs

If you are crazy for detailed CPU specs, check out this more detailed Xbox 360 CPU info probably released by some builder in asia. This gives a good detailed look into just how complex the next generation console's will actually be.

Pentop computer for the kids

From kiddie product innovators LeapFrog comes the Pentop computer, which seems to basically be a PDA for your chid. It can even "read" wat your child writes since it's an actual pen.
The gadget, which contains an actual ink pen, can "see" what you write, read it out loud, and respond to written commands. At the heart of these capabilities lies a tiny camera, which is embedded near Fly's writing tip, and special Fly paper, which must be used with the device. The dots printed on this paper and invisible to the eye tell the pen's camera exactly where it's positioned on the paper, so as it moves, the pen "sees" exactly what you write. Similar functionality is just becoming available for adults in digital pens such as Logitech's ( LOGI ) io 2.

Now Nintendogs...later, Nintencats!

Mr. Nintendog himself Hideki Konno spoke with Eurogamer recently about Nintendogs and threw in some nice tidbits regarding their future Ninten{insert animal here} plans. Apparently they have already started production on a cat version of the game. It doesn't mean that it will ever see the light of day but with the runaway success of Nintendogs, Nintendo is looking at what other animals they could base a game on. Is it only me or would a cat game be pretty boring?

Pick up an Xbox 360 for $700

If you don't like money and need an Xbox 360, why not pick one up from EB Games for only $599.93 (93?), the Xbox 360 core bundle, or $699.92 (92? wtf?), the Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle. The prices are so high because being bundles, they come bundled with games. You'll get the same games with both bundles:
  • Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition
  • Dead or Alive 4
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Project Gotham Racing 3
    It's the accessories that make the difference. Here's the Core list of what you get:
  • Xbox 360 Core System
    • Xbox 360 Game Console
    • Wired Controller
    • Composite A/V Cable
    • Xbox Live Silver
    • Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
  • Extra Wired Controller
  • Memory Unit (required to save games without hard-drive)
    Here's the list the the big baller Ultimate Bundle:
    • Xbox 360 Premium System
      • Xbox 360 Game Console
      • Wireless Controller
      • Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable
      • 20GB Hard Drive
      • Ethernet Cable
      • Headset
      • Universal Media Remote
      • Xbox Live Silver
      • Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
    • Extra Wireless Controller
    • Play & Charge Kit (for extra controller)
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack (for included controller)

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Word on the Halo movie from Bungie

    Joseph Staten from Bungie speaks on what we can expect from the Halo movie...kind of. He can't go into too many specifics but does talk about the process up to this point and we get official word that there will be grunts! Wort Wort Wort
    (last halo post...i promise)

    Halo 3 trifecta for only $60

    Are you the only person you know who has never played Halo? Get Halo crazy with the Halo Triple Pack from ebgames. You get Halo 1, Halo 2 and the Halo Multiplayer pack all for $59.99. It's not ready for primetime yet but will be on October 4th.

    Massive Nintendo eBay Auction

    If you fiend for nintendo like I fiend for chocolate (dammit it's in my blood!), then you will probably salivate over this Nintendofest eBay auction. The auctioner is willing to part with all of their 2080 nintendo games, spanning the NES, SNES and the N64.
    The lucky winner of this auction will receive the this MASSIVE lot all listed and pictured below. There are 1313 NES games (82 boxed and 54 complete), 530 SNES games (38 boxed and 27 complete), and 237 N64 games (10 complete and 8 boxed). That comes out to somewhere around 2,080 games!!! They are all listed below but I'll highlight a few of the more valuable ones. NES: Blackjack, Chubby Cherub, Castle of Deceit, Dragon Warrior 3, Final Fantasy, King Neptune's Adventure, Ms Pac-Man (tengen), Ms. Pac-Man (namco), Nobunaga's Ambition 2, North & South, Panic Restaurant, 2 Princess Tomato, and Tagin' Dragon. SNES: 3 Chrono Trigger, 4 Earth Bound, 2 E.V.O., Final Fantasy 2, 2 Final Fantasy 3, 2 Final Fight 3, Final Fight Guy, King of Dragons, 2 Lemmings 2, 2 Mega Man X2, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Ogre Battle, 2 Secret of Mana, and 3 Super Mario RPG. N64: 2 Dr. Mario, Harvest Moon, 2 Kirby the Crystal Shards, and Ogre Battle. Here's the full list for those of you with more time!!!
    [via kotaku]

    Distribute home-made games on your PSP

    Despite the major firmware upgrade the PSP got last month in Japan (and iwll be getting here soon), Sony Computer Entertainment platform development chief Izumi Kawanishi is already talking about what may be possible for the Sony PSP in the future. Those Sony guys, not the type to underplay much. They are looking into adding Macromedia Flash and extended Javascript support to the PSP web browser as well as releasing some USB peripherals. What piqued my interest is the fact that Kawanishi stated that they're thinking about making games downloadable (hello PSP game piracy) and it would be interesting if users could make and distribute their own "simple" games. Hell to the yes. That would possibly boost PSPs street cred. As of now, the PSP is getting whumped by the DS. Where's the PSPs answer to Nintendogs?

    Gen Con Indy 2005

    For all you table toppers and DoDers out there, Zonk from slashdot has a write up on Gen Con Indy 2005. It's basically E3 for the tv/pc challenged. These players are hard-to-the-core hardcore table top enthusiasts.

    Halo 3 coming your way in 2007?

    Say it ain't so! Apparently Fox and Universal have reached a deal in regards to the Halo movie (which will most likely be turned into a new franchise). Microsoft had to give up some creative control and it looks like Bungie will not have any final say powers but they will supposedly be consulted on pretty much everything. It's also nice to hear Alex Garland (of 28 Days Later fame) will be rewriting the current script. What bugs me is that Microsoft is apparently planning on releasing Halo 3 around the same time of the movie to "reach optimal marketing potential". Ugh. So that means no Halo 3 counterpunch to the Playstation 3's release. It's been kind of obvious that Halo 3 wasn't going to be released early next year since we haven't even seen anything yet. We need something to sustain us Bungie, you hear me! Please? Pretty please? me = not above the begging.

    Friday, August 19, 2005

    Women sells Fiance's "Gameboy DS"

    Live in Denver and want to pick up some a cheap DS ($100!)? There a post on craigslist where this woman is selling off her fiance's video game goodness, we're too late for the PSP but all is not for naught. I'm picturing a fight where in said fight an ultimatum was issued, "either we get rid of this crap or I'm gone!". Maybe we'll never know...oh well, his loss is your gain! She's also selling some other man-stuff:
    • Gameboy DS w/ 1 game - $100
    • Nintendo Advance w/ 20 games - $300
    • XBox w/ 6 games, headset, XBOX LIVE, 16MB Memory Card, HD TV Hookups, 2 controllers, DVD remote, all cables. - $200
    • HP Fax 1240 - $100
    • BUMPER POOL TABLE THIS WAS USED MAYBE TWICE THE WHOLE YEAR. BOUGHT FOR $750 SELLING FOR $200. This is in Milwaukee so you would either have to pay for it to be shipped or go to Milwaukee to get it.
    • Laundry by SHELLI SEGALL DRESS. Guys I know you have know idea what this means so pass this onto ur girlfriend or wife. THis is the best dress ever but it never fit me right. I never even took tags off cuz I never wore it! Its size 8 but fits more like a 6 or smaller. I paid $300 for it at Neimans. COME OVER AND TRY IT ON!!! - $100

    Thursday, August 18, 2005


    Sony Online Entertainment has apparently decided to roll back the changes they made to Star Wars Galaxies due to all of the public outcry for sure. A lot of people said they closed their accounts but I wonder if it were so many people that Sony was forced to roll the changes back.

    Fans in uproar over Star Wars Galaxies update

    Crazy drama going down over at the official Star Wars Galaxies forums over an update Sony made to the combat system despite most of (over 80%) the players voting against keeping the update. The update Sony made to Star Wars Galaxies was to the combat system. Now it would take playing every day for a few hours to become a jedi. That's only one of the many quips players have with this new system. Sony Online President, John Smedley, started a post giving Sony's stance on why the applied the updates. Sony's stance is basically, we made the changes and we're going to keep them no matter what you guys say...but tell us how we can improve it! This has ticked all sorts of people off and people are reportedly leaving in droves. I personlly think that making it harder to become a Jedi is a good thing for the game since it'll made it more significant. I say this as an outsider and someone who doesn't pay x amount of dollars a month to play Star Wars Galaxies.

    Gamers vs The Peaceaholics

    Cooper Hawkes of Gamer Andy fame got to debate a member of the utter clueless Peaceaholics on the Brian Lehrer radio show yesterday. He originally was set to debate Jack Thompson himself but Thompson bowed out due to what are most likely "scheduling conflicts". So Hawkes was forced to duel against Ronald Martin of the Peachaholics. Stream or download the podcast and sign his petition ! The best part:
    "Excuse me, I have never interrupted you throughout this same conversation, I would appreciate the same respect"

    "Yes sir"

    Uwe Boll on his next opus Dungeon Seige

    Uwe Boll waxes philisophical on his next theartrical opus of poo Dungeon Seige. Yes I know it will be crappers and no I don't not need proof. House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark are proof enough. How does he get all of these actors to star in this flicks! Anyway, the interview (done through IM?) he gives with Games.net makes for a bit of an awakward read since he apparenlty typed his answers out in plain, short and choppy sentences. I guess we can expect some produciton stills shortly and a trailer in November. Oh, and he compares this flick to the stylish Jet Li flick HERO. No really, he does.

    Nintendo to launch blue and pink Nintendo DSs for Euorpeans

    Europeans will be getting two more Nintendo DS colors (blue and pink, no death metal black?) to choose from when Nintendogs launches in Europe October 7th. The game seems to be be what the Nintendo DS is about at the moment and with these new colors to draw more attention to the console itself, Nintendo is poised to most likely reign supreme over it's fledgling competitor, the seen-as-weaker Sony PSP.

    Day 1 at the Leipzig convention

    Gamespy has some details on how the 1st day of the Leipzig Game Convention went. Microsoft was all about the Xbox 360 but the games didn't seem to match their fervor, Nintendo was all about the DS's WiFi and Sony was all about the PSP and their current generation software, touting their PS3 even less than at E3.

    Metal Gear goes Deathmatching

    Snake finallys gets to strut his stuff online for the world to see with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. Subsistance will include Metal Gear thru Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater as well as it's new online mode and even some apes from Ape Escape. There's a whole list of gametypes you'll be able to participate but the on that caught my eye was Snake vs Ape. I'm sold.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    Xbox 360 pricing confirmed!

    Microsoft has confirmed that there will be two Xbox 360 models when launched: one with a hard drive and one without. The details are as follows:
    Xbox 360 Core System - $299
    it will consist of
    • Xbox 360 console
    • Wired Controller
    • Detachable faceplate
    • Xbox Live Silver membership
    • Standard AV cables
    Xbox 360 - $399
    • Xbox 360 console
    • 20GB detachable hard drive
    • Wireless controller
    • Wireless Xbox Live headset
    • High-Def cables
    • Ethernet cable
    • Xbox 360 media remote control
    • detachable faceplate
    • Xbox Live Siler Membership
    Microsoft also detailed which peripherals  were going to be released and what they would retail for:

    • Faceplate ($19.99)
    • Hard Drive (20 GB) ($99.99
    • Memory Unit (64 MB) ($39.99)
    • Wireless Networking Adapter ($99.99)
    • Wireless Controller ($49.99)
    • Play and Charge Kit ($19.99)
    • Rechargeable Battery Pack ($11.99)
    • Controller ($39.99)
    • Headset ($19.99)
    • Universal Media Remote ($29.99)
    • Component HD AV Cable ($39.99)
    • S-Video AV Cable (US) ($29.99)
    • SCART AV Cable (Europe) (24.99 Euros)
    • VGA HD AV Cable ($39.99)

    Whew. So this puts many rumors to rest and also confirms what goes with what. $50 for the wireless controller alone though? Makes the $399 look better but that's still $399!

    Leipzig Game Convention details

    MajorNelson posted up details of what the Game Convention in Leipzig is looking like and how the Xbox city-park-like booth is working out. The last picture is one of the big amphitheater where Microsoft plans on making a "big announcement".

    Do You Yahoo!?
    Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

    20 reasons why the Xbox 360 will fail in Japan

    It's more like 10 reasons why the Xbox 360 may fail and 10 reasons that they might just pull off becoming popular in Japa but who am I to nitpick. 1up has a piece detailing why the Xbox may fail in Japan , citing reasons like the lack of a Dragon Quest game or a Katamari Damacy-level hit.

    The future of gaming on Macs

    Glenda Adams of Aspyr chats with Next Generation on how gaming on MACs is shaping up and how things will change in the future. The fact that MACs will now be Intel based will cause some problems initially since developers will have to make their MAC games run on both PowerPCs and Intel processors. But as PowerPCs become a thing of the past, MAC users will benefit from using Intel-based MACs and might even see more than the 20-30 MAC games a year they see now.

    Getting Up starts to make people nervous

    Anti-Grafitti, pro-property groups are complaing to Atari that that Mark Ecko's upcoming graffitti game "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure" is going to inspire kids to go out and damage property. Apparently, promoting the game makes destroying property enticing to kids. I feel the urge to tag a wall in my garage all of a sudden, damn you Mark Ecko!

    Advent Rising contest gets canned

    Due to technical issues that compromised the contest's ability to remain fair and secure, Microsoft and Majesco Entertainment have cancelled the $1,000,000 prize. You can now pick two free Xbox games if you can send in an original Advent Rising Xbox UPC or photocopy of the UPC along with your name, date of birth, shipping address, and Xbox Live Gamertag. Not any two Xbox games though, you have to pick from BloodRayne 2, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Psychonauts, Raze’s Hell or Phantom Dust.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    World of Warcraft playing mom busts son

    Is playing World of Warcraft at 3 in the morning a groundable offense where you reside? Don't tip THE MAN (in the case the (WO)MAN) off by posting on a public forum that logs what time you post. Brion (son) gets so busted by Faydra (mom) in the ultimate display of mother-son pwnage. He gets grounded too...ouch...

    Serious Sam 2 gets (attractively) priced

    Word has leaked that Serious Sam 2 will be running at $29.95 for the PC and $39.99 for the Xbox. Not the cheapest price for an Xbox game (still nice though) but for a PC price that's pretty dern good.

    Allard gets injured, Xbox 360 still set to launch this year

    You may have heard of how J "j rock" Allard got busted up recently during a recent extreme sport outing doing some downhill racing. Fellow Xbox Microsoftan MajorNelson posted up some pics. This makes me want to downhill race even less. Maybe I can just run into some trees in the woods and get the same effect. Just maybe.

    World of Warcraft gets reviewed

    Gamerdad reviews World of Warcraft and their verdict is, they love it! The reviewee is actually 9yr old Ro, son of the CEO of Big Huge Games Brian Reynolds. He doesn't think the game is perfect though, he isn't too fond of having to travel all the way back to your corpse after you've died or how long it takes to actual get into the game. But those are minor quips, he likes how World of Warcraft makes you a better person,
    I also like WoW because it teaches you how to type. At first I could barely type in my account name but now I can type fairly easily. It's nice because it happens even if you don't try.
    Well written article coming from a 9yr old. Maybe all kids should write for blogs?

    Ragdoll Kung Foo

    Mark Healey (from Valve?) is developing Rag Doll kung foo. A fighting game which is basically an extreme rag doll physics demo. You control your fighter with your mouse, which you use to flail your limbs at your opponent. Check out the trailer. It's supposed to be coming out this summer from Valve and will be made available on their Steam service. There's even a multiplayer side to the game where you will probably be able to rag doll it to the death.

    Zelda gets delayed

    The most anticipated (and most likely the last important one too) Gamecube game The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is going to be delayed until 2006. Giving Sony and Microsoft the chance to thump the Gamecube during the holiday season. The project leads requested more time to properlu finish the game to add more content and to make it more enjoyable. Nintendo officially stated:
    Our development team has decided to take extra time to add some incredible new elements to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As a result, the game will now launch in 2006 globally. We recognise there may be some disappointed fans; however we firmly believe this additional time will result in a more enjoyable gaming experience.

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    Psychologists love Nintendogs

    Nintendogs, and virtual pet games like Nintendogs, boost attention spans and encourage critical thinking/problem solving skills. That should provide everyone with some good excuses for playing Nintendogs at all times of the day while neglecting everyone else in your life.


    Blizzard's "unannounced product" at this year's (and the inaugural) Blizzcon will not be anything having to do Diablo or Starcrft, no sequels. The product looks to be related to Blizzard's World of Warcraft game. sounds like it might be an expansion pack or something similar.

    Psychonauts cost $11.8 million to make, damn!

    Get a gameboy micro before everyone else! (all you need is paper ;)

    id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead chats about QuakeCon, the Doom movie, why Carmack isn't in love with the PS3 yet and their new project.

    Xbox 360 may not ship with hard drive

    Xbox exec J Allard confirms that there may be multiple models of the Xbox 360. He has told developers to not bank on the hard drive always being there. There is some speculation that there will be models that ship with a 20gb hard drive, a hard drive much larger than 20 gig or just not ship with a hard drive at all.

    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    The Nintendo DS to get a price drop

    The Nintendo DS might be dropping in price to $129.99 to conincide with the August 22nd release of Nintendogs. This makes sense since the word on the street is that there will be a Nintendo DS & Metroid Prime: Hunters bundle for $149.99.

    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Quake 3 arena source coming soon and Carmack loves Xbox 360

    Graphic-nut and id Superstar John Carmack announces at QuakeCon that the Quake 3 arena soruce code is about out, expect it within a week or two. He also goes on to mention how good of a job Microsoft is doing with the Xbox 360, making it incredibly easy to code for.

    Halo 2 getting updates to playlists

    If you dig Halo 2 on Xbox Live, expect to see some treats "September-ish". Bungie will be releasing some updates to their Xbox Live matchmaking playlists. The bigger updates include multi-team games (3v3v3v3, madness!) and a slew of new gametypes.

    Halo 3 Halo 3 Halo 3 Halo 3

    Now you can run Windows and Linux on your PSP

    The Bochs x86 emulator has been ported to the PSP, opening up the OS floodgates. Now you can pretty much run anything from Windows to OpenBSD and everything inbetween.

    Friday, August 12, 2005

    The day in review

    Didn't have much time to post today so I figured I'd lump all the kewl stuff into one long post. Jam on it and enjoy the weekend!

    Some bloke posted up some Project Gotham 3 compared to the same shots in real life pics on the gamin-age forums. They look good but the car looks a little rubbery/plasticy and seems to "pop out" of the image more.

    The pimp hand is way strong with Austrailian developers Perception. They respond to JoWooD's recent Perception bashing by calling them liars, crazy people and libellous playa haters. Turns out that Perception holds the Stargate license anyways and that because they told JoWooD that they were about to terminate their contract on August 5th anyways, JoWooD wanted to get their shots at Perception in the media first. Not looking good on JoWooD's part.

    Sony is one of the hands that feeds Gamespot?

    Looks like there might be some images from a Nintendo Revolution tech demo. I call bullsh!t.

    Tired of first and third person shooters? Have a go at a second perosn shooter. Watch yourself from your enemy's perspective. Woah.

    Major pwner Fatal1ty, plays Quake 4, which is looking a lot like Doom 3.

    Ex-Dreamcast now Xbox evangelist Peter Moore speaks with Spong on the greatness that is the Xbox 360. I like how he says their keeping Perfect Dark Zero under wraps on purpose because it's so awsome. Yeah...right.

    Surely making use of his connections, Florida gov'nah Jeb Bush rocks the gridiron in Madden 06.

    and finally, someone sheds some more light on what F.E.A.R. is all about.

    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    Half-Life 2: Aftermath trailer

    Gamspot has a teaser trailer up for the Alyx-centric Half-Life 2 expansion, Half-Life 2: Aftermath. It's nice to see Alyx isn't running around in a tight tank-top with way too generous cleavage. She's not even baring her midriff! I am shocked and awed. If only the game industry had more heroines like Alyx.

    Wipeout Pure in-game Coke advertising

    The Sony PSP game, Wipeout Pure, shows Coke-a-Cola some love. Coke has designed some Coke-themed and colored vehicles that you can download and import into your Sony PSP game. It's nice that it's optional in-game advertising and doesn't seem to take away from any aspect of Wipeout Pure as a game itself.

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    Some actual in-game Xbox 360 footage that looks decent

    Even though I personally haven't heard much about this game, I have to say it looks pretty decent. I caught their Xbox 360 sneak peek footage on team xbox and they say it's all real in-game, game-engine rendered footage. There is a short sequence that seems to hint at what actual gameplay might look like, albeit without any interface elements. The whole fantasy FPS angle is an interesting one and I think it could work. I want to see some more creatures and environments but so far, color me piqued.

    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    Ninja Gaiden Black is harder than life itself

    Team Ninja has added all sorts of goodness for the new (and cheaper than the original Xbox Ninja Gaiden) Ninja Gaiden Black. The original game is intact with some extra features and even the original ninja gaiden arcade game from the late 80s. The original arcade is nice and all, just don't expect to beat this one before your 80th birthday.
    As for the main gameplay modes of Ninja Gaiden Black, we were certainly alarmed to find many aspects of the game even more difficult than we remembered. It's as if Team Ninja, Tecmo's internal development team responsible for this painful experience, is deliberately going out of its way to push the bar farther and farther toward the realm of impossibility.

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Got Jesus?

    Wired has an article up on how some publishers are working on faith-based games that subsitute fun violence for learning and the finger of god. Instead of pwing yor enemies by thrashing the hell heck out of them, why not pray for them or use the "finger of god" to convert them? Can't you feel the world becoming a better place? It will be interesting to see how violent some of these game get. What would be the difference in a Passion of the Christ video game or the violence in Halo 2 for instance.
    The startup companies hope that games with biblical messages can parallel the recent surge in the popularity of Christian music and cinema. But don't look for multiplayer smiting or wrathful vengeance in their offerings: The games that will show up on retail shelves in time for Christmas emphasize narrative stories and learning rather than action.

    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    The Square Enix lovefest

    Slashdot has a nice roundup of sorts of the madness that was this year's Square Enix event in Japan. Final Fantasy XII got a Japanese release date of March 16, 2006 and there was even talk of the Final Fantasy VII Playstation 3 tech demo that was recently displayed at E3 i believe, might have been more than a tech demo. Square Enix said it was only a demo by they weren't ruling out making an updated version of that game. While I get that Final Fantasy VII was an awsome game (it pretty much single-handedly brought me to the joy of life that are RPGs), I think they're time would be better spent focusing their reesources on whatever they have cooking for the PS3 and/or the X360 and making that game as big for the next-gen platforms as FFVII was for the playstation.