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Yoshinori Kitase of FFVII fame speaks

Bioware working on two Xbox 360 titles

The Hellcube Gamecube skin

Playstation 3 gpu isn't as strong as Xbox 360 gpu

Sony to only offer one version of the PS3...maybe

Japanese developers spill beans on Xbox 360 developement

Free Halo 2 map day!

Tekken 5 update coming soon

Everyone is playing World of Warcraft

Nintendo's streak of bad adverts

16 keystrokes a second

Valve's Gabe Newell isn't too into the Xbox 360

Nintendo DS multiplayer games

Inspired by Nintendogs

Halo triple threat trifecta

A ton of Gameboy Micro pics

It's like regular DDR, but with fire!

Metroid Prime to be WiFi in 1Q 2006

Is Sony bluffing?

Is the Nintendo Revolution's controller set to be displayed next month?

Halo Movies

PSP 2.0 firmware update now available

More detailed Xbox 360 specs

Pentop computer for the kids

Now Nintendogs...later, Nintencats!

Pick up an Xbox 360 for $700

Word on the Halo movie from Bungie

Halo 3 trifecta for only $60

Massive Nintendo eBay Auction

Distribute home-made games on your PSP

Gen Con Indy 2005

Halo 3 coming your way in 2007?

Women sells Fiance's "Gameboy DS"


Fans in uproar over Star Wars Galaxies update

Gamers vs The Peaceaholics

Uwe Boll on his next opus Dungeon Seige

Nintendo to launch blue and pink Nintendo DSs for Euorpeans

Day 1 at the Leipzig convention

Metal Gear goes Deathmatching

Xbox 360 pricing confirmed!

Leipzig Game Convention details

20 reasons why the Xbox 360 will fail in Japan

The future of gaming on Macs

Getting Up starts to make people nervous

Advent Rising contest gets canned

World of Warcraft playing mom busts son

Serious Sam 2 gets (attractively) priced

Allard gets injured, Xbox 360 still set to launch this year

World of Warcraft gets reviewed

Ragdoll Kung Foo

Zelda gets delayed

Psychologists love Nintendogs


Xbox 360 may not ship with hard drive

The Nintendo DS to get a price drop

Quake 3 arena source coming soon and Carmack loves Xbox 360

Halo 2 getting updates to playlists

Now you can run Windows and Linux on your PSP

The day in review

Half-Life 2: Aftermath trailer

Wipeout Pure in-game Coke advertising

Some actual in-game Xbox 360 footage that looks decent

Ninja Gaiden Black is harder than life itself

Got Jesus?

The Square Enix lovefest