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Friday, September 30, 2005

The I've-got-more-money-than-I-can-count Xbox 360 bundle

If you're rich and are tired of bathing in your money, why not donate to the game-hawggers-need-the-most-expensive-bundle ($4499.68) fund. You'll sleep better at nigiht knowing that the game-hawggers (ie curtis and hans) were able to get 20 Xbox 360 games, 4 controllers and a Dell 42" hi-def plasma Tv. C'mon, you know you want to.

Sony to combat PSP downgraders

Sony plans on releasing another firmware update to prevent PSPers from downgrading to a previous firmware verison enabling them to run their own custom, homebrew software.

Game site with awsome domain name

Don't know how I came across this (it was just sitting, minimized in my taskbar) but I thought the domain name was pretty funny. At 6 in the am at least so I apologize if you're reading this much later than that. Allow me to introduce thee to FourFatChicks.

Get your Xbox 360 at Costco

Costco has a nice little Xbox 360 bundle (comes with two wireless controllers, Project Gotham Racing 3 and a 20 gig hard drive amongst other items)  available for $479.99.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Playstation 3 developer woes

Are developers not too keen on developing titles for the Playstation 3? Hacked engrish translation of the Japanese article here.

In-game footage of Project Gotham 3 on Xbox 360

From a recent Bizzare Creations press conference comes some in game footage of Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360. You can't really see all that much from the shaky-cam footage but what you can make out looks pretty nice.


Why would you want an Xbox 360 controller two months before release?

The hunt for World of Warcraftian profits

Square Enix is looking to expand their MMO offerings since Blizzard proved that you can make beaucoup d'argent in that space. I don't get the whole gaming-on-your-cellphone freezy but that could be that as a whole, the US get's no advance mobile phone love.

Perfect Dark Zero info

Joanna Dark's bio is out and gives us an insight into her character and all that fun stuff. The recent screenshots and footage are promising but I'm still not sold on it. The fact that some features are being trimmed out to make release isn't too inspiring but who really is going to play against 50 competitors on Xbox Live? Now 64 players is something I can get into.

Origien Xbox 360 = nofun

Turns out the origienxbox360 is not any kind of Halo 3 teaser. It a contest for various countires in Europe that contestants can try to win a trip to the US for the Xbox 360 launch. There is somekind of Halo 2 contest but I was too busy crying on the inside from disappointment to care. Why Microsoft, why....

Ultimate Spiderman

I bought this game last week and I have got to say that it is probably the best Spiderman game made to date. It's kind of like Spiderman 2 in that there is a free roam system, but the game is really completely different. The graphics are awesome, and the story is sweet. The way the story is told is a lot of fun too. It really feels like you are playing inside the comic book. A lot of people complain about the swinging system being down graded in this game compared to Spiderman 2, but really, Ultimate Spiderman is a different game and it delivers a different experience. I would give it an 8.5 or a 9 out of 10. If you are a Spiderman fan or you read the Ultimate Spiderman comics, this game is something you must check out!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Play SNES on your PC...

...with an old skool SNES emulator.

Playstation 3 release date confired...kind of

Sony chairman and CEO Sir Howard Stringer has told a German website that Sony plans on releasing the PS3 this upcoming Spring. No specific word on which territories or how closely the PS3 will be released in each territory though.

Xbox360 Ninety Nine Nights (N3) gameplay footage

People seemed to have been impressed with the Xbox 360's N3 showing at TGS. Based on this gameplay footage, it looks to be a fighting game of sorts where it's you vs 1000s of enemies. Looks like fun.

Team America gets whuped in MGS 3 tourney

At a Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence tournament at the recently closed Tokyo Game show, Team Famitsu heartliy handed Team America an old skool tumping in the final match.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ninja Gaiden Black is cheaper than Ninja Gaiden

With Ninja Gaiden Black you get all of the extra content for less than what the original game (sans kewl extra content, spare the harder game modes, the game is hard enough as it is!) cost. Good news it, it's out today, pick it up for $30 and spend the next couple of months trying to get past the first three levels.

Ultimate Spider Man looks so kewl

This game looks like it'll be a blast to play. Here is a look at some of Spider-Man and Venom action you'll be ablt to take part in.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Some not too shabby looking Xbox360 Call of Duty 2 footage

This looks encouraging. It's no Killzone but it looks good nonetheless. Who are these people that buy all of these World War games? Why do people keep making them? This one looks good enough for me to attempt to play which is good since I got downright bored with previous generations WW games.

Why Microsoft is losing the next-gen PR battle

As we all have seen, Sony's Playstation 3 has been getting a lot of hype recently. Microsoft's Xbox 360? Not so much. I must say that it's nice that we are beginning to see just what the Xbox 360 may be capable of since it's due to be released in a few short months (on Nov 22nd) but why haven't we seen anything of Killzone 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4 caliber yet? True, Kameo does look pretty good now but nothing has blown my socks off the way the Killzone and Metal Gear trailers did. But I'm hesitant to completly trust Sony. They were a little too "the playstation 2 is going to change your world"-ish at the beginning of the previous generation and we ended up being a little underwhelmed but still content. The point is, the Playstation 3 is beginning to take up all of the next-gen-fanboy-pr-hype space that should be all about Microsoft right now. They launch in 2 months and what was everyone stoked about at TGS and even E3? Playstation 3 games. This isn't looking too good for Microsoft. They did release some more Gears of War screenshots but c'mon, screenshots! That doesn't exactly get the fanboy blood burning. You can tell Peter Moore doesn't seem all that "we're gonna whup Sony's Snake lovin a$$!" in this clip where he tries to downplay Sony's buzz building TGS footage. For Microsoft's sake, I really hope that origen xbox360 site is Halo 3 related. MS needs the master cheif right now. The Xbox 360 just hasn't been extremly compelling for me yet. The fact that they seem to be hiding Project Dark Zero isn't too encouraging either. Isn't that supposed to be a relase game? Where is all the footage for that?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Metal Gear 4 TGS video

Here is the Metal Gear 4 video from TGS. This is also supposedly real-time. I would say most of it looks like it is. Either way, PS3 now has crowd pleasers Killzone 2 and Metal Gear 4 on the horizon. I can't think of any Xbox 360 games that have generated the same level of buzz. They need to do something about that. Soon.

hans, eat your heart out.

Metal Gear 4 gets named

Metal Gear 4 is now properly named "Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots". Everyone who is at the Tokyo Game Show is saying it looks unbeliveable. You'll help an old, near senile, Solid Snake combat arthritis and bald spots in the distant future. You'll also be aided by a robo friend in your quests. (the whole arthritis and bald spot thing may not be totally true)

Metal Gear in 3d

For all you Gear heads out there (Hans this means you), you may want to think about picking up a PSP for the sole purpose of picking up the Sony PSP's Metal Gear Acid, aka TOBIDAC!D, in 3d. You use a scope hooked up to your PSP to soak in the 3d goodness.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Nintendo Revolution Controller

All I have to say is, what the? Get the full scoop here.

Xbox 360 will be region locked

Looks like Microsoft will be region-locking the Xbox 360 so you will not be able to play DVDs or Games from other regions.

Origien site update

The Origien Xbox 360 site has updated. The biggest hare moved to the right hand side and has two small holes in him and now where the stick figure was, two apples are now attached. No more latin either. Can the rabbit be manipulated to show something?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Xbox 360 release dates announced

The Xbox 360 launch dates have just been announced in Japan (hence the late post). The Xbox 360 will be coming to American shores on November 22, European pubs on December 2 and Japanese tech districts on December 10th. Just in time for some Thanksgiving loving.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Official word from Bungie on origenxbox360.com

From Bungie employee's Frankie's weekly update comes some more tidbits on the Origen Xbox 360 site. Frankie writes:
I got a lot of mail from folks about www.origenxbox360.com which as far as I can tell, is some kind of viral marketing thing, and maybe even an ilovebees style ARG. Thing is, that's all I know about it. I got the same info as you – six plums (that's what they look like to me) a stick man, an MSN Messenger icon and two rabbits. I think they might be hares. The only thing I've noticed is that if you switch between .org and .com, the image pops to the right a couple of pixels. I'm helping! And I swear, I really DON'T know what this is.

So does the fact that the image is pushed over to the right a little onthe .org domain mean something? Frakie stated "they might be hares...", another clue?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Is the whole Origen Xbox 360 site Halo 3 related?

I'm an optimist so I say hell to the yes. How does the Xbox 360 Origen site tie into Halo 3 you ask? Well if you zoom in (right-click on the picture and select Zoom) three times on the tree trunk you'll see a latin message:

What does all this Latin mean? Well the latin is,
in hoc spatio arbor noster floruit, fecundus pomies Elysii ignoti, qui in loco ludent electi, ab Originis angelis circumdati.

Which tranlates to,
In this space our tree has flourished abundant with the unknown fruits of Elysium, who will play in the chosen place, surrounded by the angels of Origen.

Elysium, as all you Halo folklorist know out there, is where the Master Chief himself, aka John Spartan, was brought up until he was snatched from his family as a child.

More on the Greek meaning/mythos of the word Elysium:
In Greek mythology, the Elysium (the spelling Elysium is a Latinization of the Greek word Elysion) are the Elysians Fields, the place where the mortals favored by the gods can go when they die. It is a peaceful and beautiful place similar to the modern concept of paradise.

Interesting. Not convinced yet? How about the fact that the last boss in Halo 2 was Tartarus, that name sounds funky. Could it have some kind of connection to some kind of Greek Mythology too? You friggin betcha. In Greek Mythologhy,
Tartarus is the opposite of the Elysium, the Underworld zone of eternal torment, where the greatest sinners were punished for their transgressions.

Now to me, all of those hidden meanings and connections to the Halo universe just screams Halo 3. But I stumped myself when I realized, Halo 2 just came out last year, Halo 2 took 3-4 years to make and they're going to have Halo 3 done in a little over a year? Why that can't be, can it?
Then I remembered a certain leak that a certain microsoft executive *cough*Steve Ballmer *cough* let slip in a certain press release:
We're working on the next version -- I hate to tell you this confidentially but I'll have to swear you to secrecy now -- we're working on the next version of Xbox right now and we're working on Halo 2 and Halo 3, the two newest versions of the game.

Now why would this admittedly non-diehard non-gamer lie about this? I don't think he would. I think it was a genuine slip that caught the Bungie team offguard. Let's not also forget Bill Gates interview with Time magazine in which he also seemed to confirm that Halo 3 is closer than we think:
It's perfect,' Gates says, radiant with bloodlust. 'The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation], and they walk right into Halo 3.

All this Halo 3 hype just gives me the urge to sing, what i've dubbed, the Master Chief's theme song. Ever see Team America? In the "America, F_ck Yeah!" song, substitue any "America" reference for "Master Cheif"..."Master Chief, f_ck yeah! Comin to say the muther f_ckin day yeah!"...Bask in the glory that is Halo.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Xbox 360 store gearing up for Xbox 360 release in Japan

There is a large construction site in Japan, close to the fashinable Harajuku district, draped in an Xbox 360 logo covered viel of secrecy. Surely this will be some sort of Xbox 360 store you would think.

Monday, September 05, 2005

History of the game zine

1up has an indepth and interesting piece on the history of the gaming zine.

Get some D&D loving from your local library

Wizards of the coast is setting up some D&D kits for librarians to enable them to run free Dungeon & Dragon games at their libraries.
The Afternoon Adventure with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS program will include everything librarians need to start regular gaming programs in their library with the original pen-and-paper roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short). Players assume the persona of fantasy characters and pursue magical adventures, confronting and solving problems using strategic thinking and teamwork. For three decades, D&D has appealed to an ever-increasing population of fans for its use of imagination and storytelling over competition. This free program will include a Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (a $24.99 value), instructions for starting a D&D group in the library, a guide to using D&D as an introduction to library use, recommended reading lists, and other practical resources.

Valve's Gabe NEwell isn't looking forward to next-gen game developement

In his video interview with 1up, Gabe Newell details what is sure to be many piblisher's concerns about developing games for the next generation platforms, specifically the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

Zelda getting it's own Extreme Makeover

After Zelda Twilight Princess, the Zelda series will get a complete makeover which will aprently take the Zelda series in a completly new direction.

For the hardest of the hard, the My Little Pony casemod

PWN all of your opponents with some credibility-help from the all revered My Little Pony casemod. Known to blow sprkling fairy dust into the eyes of your opponents and take the...aww fugg it, it's just the My Little Pony casemod from the Penny Arcard comic strip that it's builder showed off to Gabe and Tyco (at PAX?).

There will be a director's edition of F.E.A.R.

Vivendi Universal Games will be releasing a Director's Edition DVD version of they're soon to be hit F.E.A.R. We all knew it was coming but it's good to get an offical confirmation.

Former Acclaim execs face big money lawsuit

The bankruptcy Trustee appinted to handle Acclaim's filing for Bankruptcy has filed a $150 million complaint against four of the former company's executives for basically using Acclaim as a "personal pggybank" by taking out large loans, bonuses and planning to pay each other huge salaries, all while Accalim was losing massive amounts of money.

Create your own FPS games

The Game Creators release "FPS Creator" which enables you to easily create your own FPS games. You don't even have to know how to model your way out of a wet paper bag, don't have the latest version of Maya or 3d Studio MAX? You can "paint" together your game, even the textures and models. If you are 3d savy and want to import your own models, textures etc., FPS Creator will let you do that too. Time for my own version of Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem Never.

Improve your surgical skills with some gameplaying

Are you a medically qualified surgeon who is always looking for that extra edge? Play some video games for three hours a week and you'll for sure improve your performance. Just don't expect to be able to play games all day to get even better performance ability (is some is good, more is better right? wrong.)