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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nintendo Revolution to play Sega Genesis games...

Woah, I didn't see this one coming but apparently Iwata just announced,

“Games specifically developed for the Sega Genesis will be available on the Revolution.”

caught it from Kotaku's live blogging of the Nintendo GDC keynote. Man, classic Sonic and Mario games on one device. That's just crazy enough to work.


Looks like it's only the "Best of" Genesis games...

GDC debauchery...the PSP party

From Kotaku's own Brian Crecente comes this PSP part footage. Do I know what it contains? No not really since the machine I'm posting on won't let me install any kind of recent Flash player but if it's coming from Crecente, it's got to be good right? This may be so very not safe for work too for all I know so click at your own discretion.

God of War 2 GDC footage

Straight from GDC comes this God of War 2 trailer. Yes, it looks good. More crazy greek god guy slashing up big baddies. Basically, the good mojo from the first up amped up to 11 (or so they say).

Playstation 3 details...a day late or so

All kinds of Playstation 3 goodies were given to the attending developers at GDC yesterday. First up was Phil Harrison's Sony keynote in which we finally got some more Playstation 3 goodness. To sum it all up,

- The Playstation 3 will be fully backward compatible from day one.
- Production of the PS3 will quickly ramp up to 1 million PS3s a month (which will be shared across all territories so they will most likely be scarce for a fewk weeks).
- The Playstation 3's online gaming service will be free for the basic functions which will be open enough for developers to add content for their games they can charge you for.
- Insomniac has a Ratchet and Clank game on the way for the PS3 since, “The PS3 can do more for a frame than any system that has existed.”. Whatever you say buddy.
- There were some games demo'd during this keynote that were alledgedly "in-game" and the footage alledgedly looked pretty awsome. Hmm, doesn't really tell you much but I guess the point I was trying to convey is that the PS3 "in-game" footage is still looking good.

After the keynote, some bloggers had a chance to chat with Sony's Phil Harrison where he spilled even more worthy info.

- While Harrison stated that devs are building their games to depend on and utilize the 60GB hard drive that is suppose to come standard with the PS3, he shied away from confirming for sure that the PS3 will come with the hard drive. Odd and a little scary.
- Harrison also made it seem like the Playstation online service will be totally free, even for playing games, and that the only aspect you would have to pay for would be third-party products and micro transactions.
- The boomerang controller is no more. The redesign of the Playstation 3's infamous boomerang controller will make it's debut at this year's E3.
- The PS3 will not be reigon-locked, meaning that you can buy a game in Japan or in Europe and play it on your American bought PS3. Sweet.

And that's about it. We'll surely find more info about launch titles at E3 and come this November, we'll get to see if it lives up ot the hype.

I got most of this info from blogs and news sites, the biggest being Kotaku which had pretty some pretty good live-blogging going on during the keynote. I wouldn't really call it "Live" but it was closer to Live bloggin than anyone else was doing (Joystiq?)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Playstation 3 cometh...

Or will cometh for Japan, the US and Europe early November 2006. Sony also plans on having 1,000,000 PS3's ready for launch. The machine will be shipping with an upgradeable 60gb HD with a Linux operating system. The PS3 will cost you at least $425 but probably less than $500. I'm getting my preorder in ASAP.

More details here...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Ninety-Nine Nights Screenshots

Yay! New Ninety-Nine Nights Screenshots! Gawd I hope Microsoft brings this one stateside. Looks like a mashup of Warcraft and Dynasty Warriors...kind of.

Warcraft + Dynasty Warriors = Crazy Delicious.

Xbox 360 gets closer to Burnout Revenge

EA's anticipated Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360 has gone gold and is set to breakout this later this month. For now, Full Auto is fulfilling my automotive destruction needs for now but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was going to be all over this when it comes out. Or I want to at least. Check out some of the impressive features that are to be included:

Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360 features:

Live Revenge – It’s not just about winning, it’s about vengeance. A persistent Live Revenge mode tracks your relationships with online racers and rank leaders, calling them out in each race … know your rivals and punish them!

Save and Share – Give back to the online community … Save your greatest moments and upload them on Xbox Live for the world to see.

Check Traffic – Think hockey on the highway. Now every vehicle on the road is in play and a potential target – or weapon. Ram traffic into your rivals, slam cars into vicious combo-based pile-ups and lay waste to everything in sight. Don’t fear traffic – fight it

Car Deformation – Experience the next generation of destruction made possible by the power of the Xbox 360 and literally rip cars to shreds in the most explosive crashes in the series’ history

Traffic Attack – An all-new traffic attack mode pits gamers against the clock in a mad dash for destruction. It’s not about dodging traffic, it’s about leveling it by any means necessary

Crash Redefined – Show Hollywood how it’s done with all-new open-ended crash junctions, now including 10 new junctions exclusive to Xbox 360. With multiple start points, complex, vertically-oriented tracks and hundreds of cars begging to be decimated, Burnout Revenge is the king of crash.

Built to Battle – Designed for maximum carnage, Burnout Revenge’s tracks are loaded with massive jumps, multiple paths and nasty chokepoints to deliver the ultimate brutal car combat. Vertical takedowns and in-race crashbreakers open up new avenues for destruction. Watch out for shortcuts, highlighted by flashing blue lights…they’re everywhere.

Car Classes – All-new cars in three classes (race, muscle and crash) accentuate different play styles. Choose your weapon!

Untouchable Speed – Burnout Revenge delivers unrivaled, irresponsible speed that can only possibly be topped by the real thing


Splinter Cell double agent "screenshot"...

GamersReports has up some new Splinter Cell Double Agent "screenshots" which look good enough for them to say this is the best looking game ever. I'm not buying it. Some of these screenshots do look like screenshots but few of them look like artists renderings and not in-gmae screenshots. Take the picture below, is this really in-game? Using doctored images to portray a game in a better light to generate good buzz? Say it ain't so!

Far Cry Instincts Predator

Some new Far Cry Instinct Predator media out today (or yesterday) some new screenshots and even a new trailer. Overall, it looks nice and probably has the same feel to it that Far Cry on the Xbox did. Is that a good thing? yes...

PSP hack enables Flash player

By way of Make comes word of a PSP hombrew crew hacking the Sony PSP to enable said PSP to play/view/interact/whatever with Flash files. More pictures and details here.

Finally a good superman game?

I highly doubt it but these screenshots look slightly encouraging. What these pictures allude to is a game of pretty massive scale which is what a Superman game should be. A huge, massive world in which you can fly around and do the Superman thing. I just wonder how "moral" the game will be. Will there be rigid rules keeping you from doing anything remotely non-Superman-ish? I guess we'll find out eventually. Dig the new trailer here.

New Nintendo DS Super Mario Bros. pics

Check out these new images from the upcoming Nintendo DS Mario Bros. game. Looks like more of the same solid, classic gameplay that was missing from recent Mario fare (Mario Sunshine anyone?).

All hail Nacho Libre!

In an excuse to post something Jack Black related comes the Nacho Libre downloadable Sony PSP trailer avilable here.