Rag Doll Kung Fu makers working on a PS3 title

Mark Healy and some other ex-Lionhead studio employees released Rag Doll Kung a few moons ago to some critical praise, if for nothing else, for being different and innovative. Now, they have officially opened up their own indie studio, calling it Media Molecule, and are working on their first title which they'll be releasing on the PS3. Why go for the PS3 right off the at? Because they can of course,

"The ambition for Media Molecule is to take that a step further and prove that a small (20 plus) and passionate team can deliver a world class, triple A, next generation product," Healy said in a statement.

Well, that and the fact that they've entered into an agreement with Sony to stay Sony exclusive for now.

According to Media Molecule, the studio has entered into an "exclusive relationship" with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and has been charged with creating an "original and innovative game" for the PS3. While details are scant, the company's official Web site mentions a "Yellow Head" prototype, calling it "damned addictive." It also mentions that the PS3 game will be multiplayer.

Is this game really "Damned addictive" or is this some boilerplate Sony hype?

[via gamespot]


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