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Saturday, April 30, 2005

New next-gen Xbox related pic from Ourcolony.net

New pitcture from the Ourcolony.net site. I think it's obviously a pic of the next generation of Xbox Live. Maybe the user's profile page? Also, the letters released so far are 3, S, I and X. Maybe eventually we'll spell out 3sixty, as in Xbox 360. Interesting. Discuss.

Friday, April 29, 2005

MTV has a video game site

MTV's video games site is now live with some exclusive content. They have some screenshots and some all around cool content for the next Tomb Raider game Tomb Raider Redemption. Must be nice launching a new site when you're already such a big company. Wish I could get some exclusive content, *sniff*. Oh well. Looks pretty cool so far, it's graphic-heavy which I consider a good thing. Kotaku editor Brian Crecente is going to be contributing every now and again which is cool. Check out MTV's site here.

Evil Dead Regeneration

The Evil Dead Regeneration website is now live with a ton of good content. Check out what in-game Ash and his half-dead shorty sidekick look like. The website is pretty cool itself. The game is looking ok so far, we'll see if the game holds up. The website is http://www.evildeadregeneration.com/

Playstation 3 goodness

From GamesRadarcomes some PS3 goodness for you (finally!). These screenshots are supposedly from Playstation 3 survival-horror game Possession which gives you the ability to contorl the undead (ex-townfolk) to destroy a city in any way you see fit.

Eidos's E3 line up

Eidos is set to showoff their flagship titles, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend, Hitman: Blood Money and Commandos Strike Force as well as 25 To Life at E3 this year. For their sake, I hope they look and play well. Check out the game descriptions from Eidos here.

Black & White 2 trailer

Check out the first in-game shots of Black & White 2 here. From this you'll get a taste of what building you city, waging wars with your army and those huge creatures might look like and work. Dig it.

Halo 2 World tournament

Want to compete in a Worldwide Halo 2 tournament? You can Register here if you think you're Halo 2 skills are up to snuff. The tourny will begin in the Rumble Pit beginning May 2nd. Your stats will be recorded until May 30th where a winner will be announced based on who has the higest ranking. The highest ranking US player will then move on to the World Cahpionships which will be a double-elimination slayer format. The global winner will get $1,500 cash, a 50-inch Samsung DLP television and HD DVD player/recorder, a 24-karat-gold Halo 2 disc, and a trophy. The highest ranking US player will get $500 in cash, a Samsung digital camcorder, and some Halo 2 gear, which includes a half-size statue of the game's hero, Master Chief. The official tournament website is here. Check it out for more details.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Microsoft heart Samsung

Microsoft and Samsung to join forces in promoting, what J Allard referenced at the GDC, the HD era. Samsung is set to place over 25,000 Samsung high-definition tvs in Microsoft Xbox retail kosiks wordwide. Apparently the next-gen Xbox will be "paired" (does that mean in a bundle type deal?) with a new 23" Samsung LCD tv that will feature 12 millisecond pixel switching speed to eliminate motion artifacts as well as a Fixed Pixel Device that will eliminate scan lines. Or so they say. All of this is all well and good, but doesn't mean squat if only crap games are available. More detailshere.

OurColony = Microsoft (duh)

From MSXbox World comes more proof that Microsoft is indeed linked to Ourcolony.net (like anyone has thought otherwise). Here's a picture of the Colony ant tag on a billboard in the Forza Motorsport game that has yet to be released.

New Ourcolony pic

Check out this new Ourcolony.net picture. Project Gotham racing? More to come? You'll see.

Prey screenshots

Kotaku has some screenshots from the upcoming first-person shooter Prey that we recently heard was coming. Expect more at E3. The pictures look pretty freaky so far, like a Doom 3 game on some kind of mind altering drug. Nice.

Xbox 2 in-game screenshot?

New ourcolony.net image and it appears to be an actual in-game screenshot. TeamXbox thinks this is from Kameo: Elements of Power which we know is being developed by Rare. To give more credence to this possibility, J. Allard was quoted in an IGN interview as saying - “Several months ago I gave a Xenon kit to a team at Rare. They had an Xbox game in development, and they converted it to Xenon in six weeks.” . The Ourcolony Gamem8ker also hints are there being a better reard for answering the latest challeneg. We'll keep you informed.

Half-Life 2 on Xbox screens

Jeux-France has some tv captured screenshots of Hali-Life 2 running on an Xbox. There really isn't anything you can point to and say "so that's what they cut/scaled down to get it to work on an Xbox" since it appears to look good so far.

Touching what is good?

Now honestly, did Nintendo not expect anyone to notice this? For shame DS! For shame!

Major you evil tease you...

Major Nelson has seen the opening animation for the Next Generation Xbox and it looks cool and goes by fast. Does this tell us anything important? No, not really. But the animation looked cool so there's at least one thing to look forward to.

Revolution to use real-time 3d projection...possibly

Hopefully this will turn out better than the virtual GameBoy, but eithier way, Brooke Burgess at Broken Saints put up a convincing article of what he thinks the Nintendo Revolution will have. From Brooke:
Yes…but for me, the first twinge of excitement regarding this machine didn’t come until the final pieces of the long-rumoured DISPLAY puzzle fell into place:

- the IGN boys posted this regarding a patent for Nintendo’s upcoming display technology, which I linked to a few days ago. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to glean that this conceptually portrays a form of 3D image projection.

- at a major film conference called ShoWest just last month, a panel featuring George Lucus, Robert Zemekis, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, and a satellite feed from Peter Jackson has studio reps, journalists, and theatre owners seriously jazzed about their plans to integrate cheap digital stereoscopic 3D (like recent IMAX features or the oldschool Captain EO experience at Epcot) into ALL major chains by 2007. Lucas even showed several minutes of the original STAR WARS with remapped visuals that popped off the screen and hovered in front of audience members. When an agent friend of mine was chatting with Rodriguez (there to pump Sin City and discuss his experiences with Spy Kids 3D), he mentioned how they were aware of a game machine beating them to the mainstream 3D market.

- the next day, I contacted another strangely influential industry pal/pundit and shared my thesis purely for fun’s sake (and perhaps some extremely lame bragging rights). The final shiny block of tetrisy knowledge slid into place when he excitedly shared the following - that the Big N had shown a real-time 3D add-on for Gamecube behind closed doors…AT LAST YEAR’S E3. It has since gone MIA. This is the sound of four rows dropping.

More details and discussion here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

TeamXbox has a review of the D-Link DGL-3420 Wireless 108AG Gaming Adapter. It's a wireless bridge that can connect to all kinds of wireless LANs (considered you have a wireless LAN) and is ridiculously easy to setup provided your not using any kind of complex security on your Wireless connection. Basically the verdict is, it's awsome but distance does play a major factor. As long as the console is close to the source. Ouch.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Cell chip gets demo'd at COOL Chips VIII

In one of the first (the first I know of anyway) public exhibitions of what the cell processor can actually do, Toshiba demonstrated the cell processor simultaneously decoding 48 SDTV resolution MPEG-2 videos. woah. This is what's going to be powering the Playstation 3. We'll see how developers take advantage of this. I'm sure we'll get Xbox360-like leaks the sooner we get to the Playstation 3 release date.

Perfect Dark 0 to lead Xbox 360 launch

Kotaku has recieved word that the Xbox 360 will have 15 titles available at launch with Perfect Dark 0 being the flagship title of sorts. There is that Halo 2.5 rumor but the vibe around that rumor is that it's just speculation. There's supposedly more info here but I can't find jack squat. Enjoy.

The Next Xbox?

Forget ourcolony, here's a straight up leaked picture of what might be the Xbox 360 could/might/probably-will look like. The only thing about the picture that doesn't seem right is the large-ass power button. That sucker is huge. It's not too bad, espeically if the power button is used for more than just indicating whether the machine is on or not (which I heard it might do). We'll see.

Here's the latest Ourcolony picture. It looks to be the memory card with the 64 standing for 64 megabytes (MB) maybe? Who knows but we're getting some pretty good pictures now an days. I'll try to keep up.

Next-Gen Madden peek

TeamXbox has the next gen Madden commercial that aired during the NFL draft (sometime during the first hour) last weekend. It looks mostly CG. There are a couple of shots that look like they could be in-game shots and they look pretty amazing. What's cool is that you're supposedly going to be able to control exactly where your QB throws the ball. Giving you more contorl than you have ever had. The next generation Madden games look to be pretty flippin cool. Hopefully it will be playable online.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Xbox - Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict roundup

Sicne the Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is out, I figured I'd put a little round-up together for you all. Basically the game looks to be pretty good with everyone rating it pretty high. I know it looks pretty nice. You can even perform Mortal Kombat style fatalities (Raiden is a character you unlock so the Mortal Kombat tie-ins aren't too surprising). The game is Xbox-live enabled for up to 8 players.

Gamespot - 9 out of 10

IGN - 9.3 out of 10

Gamespy - 4.5 stars out of 5

Having trouble with the game? check out Gamefaqs for tips.

If you don't have the game yet, buy it straight from Amazon:

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Maybe new Xbox 360 pictures?

Here's a somewhat older picture than the one below. I'm thinking the inside of the Xbox 360. Why, do you say? Because I'm pretty sure that is what all this Microsoft hype is about. Unless their coming out with some kind of super-advanced-ip-toaster-oven I don't know about, I'm for sure this is the innards of an Xbox 360...or maybe a developement kit...or maybe some kind of super-tivo box. I guess we'll find out. The suspense is killing me! *but giving me something to write about :)*

TeamXbox posted the latest pics from the Ourcolony.net game (go ARGolonists!). They are obviously pics of something Xbox 360 related. The top perhaps? Maybe that silver thing is a pop-out handle of types? But why does the whole thing seem to not flow? Why does the closet part of the picture so blurry while the part with the metal on it is crystal clear. Almost as if the part with the metal was plugging into the slightly more blurred object? What happened to the whiteness? Does this mean the Xbox 360 is to come in more than one color? Hard to say unless we get a green or yellow hardware pic. hmmm, maybe I just wasting my time trying to decipher what we'll all know if 3 weeks time. Yeah, that's probably it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sony PSP underclocked and RAM mismanaged?

According to Kotaku Sony will make a patch available to developers that will unlock the processor speed, giving the game you're playing full access. After the game is over, the processor cap will go back in place to help conserver battery life. The speed must have really been a big issue. I wonder what kind of battery life you would expect if the whole this was permanently unlocked. It would be bad enough that Sony would have to cap it. Kotaku also notes that the Sony PSP's OS gobbles up 8 megs of the available 32 megs so developers only have 24 to work with. ouch.

Halo 2 map goodness

The new Halo 2 maps from Bungie will be available for public comsumption on April 29th. The 2 immediately free maps, Containment and Warlock will be downloadable thru the Xbox-live download content menu item while the Turf and Sanctuary maps will be available for $5.99. If you're patient (like I am), wait until June 28th and all the maps will be freely available. See the article straight from the horses mouth here.

as a bonus, check the Warlock 3d-Quicktime screenshot here.

Yeah...sure...I bet...

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo's Revolution (and possible Mario 128) won't be making an appearence at E3 due to the fact that it's so revolutionary. That was the same reason Mario 128 wasn't shown at a previous E3. Are they serious? I hope they're not having a hard time with the Revolution. While this doesn't sound too well for Nintendo, I just hope that what ever they're planning isn't too revolutionary that it isn't accessible and isn't hard to program for. It needs to be easy for the oh-so-important 3rd party developers to be able to port existing games to or build new ones for. I think they can pull this off but they need to give us some sign of life, a screenshot or something to let us know that things will be alright.

8-bit art goodness

Dig on some retro gaming inspired art. Some artisit got together, inspired by the 8-bit glory of the old skool, and created some fine pieces of art based on classics like donkey kong (of course) excitebike. Wired has a story up about the artist showing their work at the i am 8-bit art exhibit opening April 19 at LA's Gallery 1988. more details here.

Sony PSP Crystal cover

I don't know if this Crystal Hard Cover case looks like it's going to make handling a Sony PSP harder or easier. It looks a bit bulky and stiff. You can buy it for $12.00 from here. via i4u.

Monday, April 18, 2005

While this pic from one of EA's next-generation Madden titles doesn't impress me all that much (it's way too close), you might be able to catch a glimpse of their next-gen Madden title during the first hour of the NFL draft. If anyone records a vid or finds a torrent, let me know...

Xbox wants Japan lovin

From IGN comes word of some more Xbox goingons in Japan. In an obvious move to show Japan how much Xbox cares, Microsoft is going to be holding an invitation-only event called "Next Generation Xbox Preview" at Roppongi Hills' Virgin Cinemas. The event is to start at 11:30am and will end around 1:50pm. Since the MTV-Xbox 360 show is only going to be a half-hour long, what other suprises do they have in store for the attendants. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something on the scale of what they did at GDC when they gave out a load of HDTVs. Being that the Japanese market is one the want to rule, I'd expect them to pull out all stops. I wanna go...I lived in Japan for a few years and I have a blog now, can't I be press too? *sniff, sniff*

DVD/UMD package from Bandai

Bandai Visual is set to release their first DVD/UMD bundle in which the UMD is to have the same contents as the DVD. As kewl as this sounds, the first bundle coming out is for "Eureka Project" (wtf?). So unless you're a big fan, than you won't be able to experience the UMD goodness until some more titles coming out. Hopefully, if this does well, then we'll see quite a bit more of these packages from more content providers. I would dig being able to get a tv show series on UMD or something similar. coo beans indeed. more details here.

Lord of the Dance Dance Revolution

This guy is the Michael Flately of DDR. Watching this clip almost makes me want to play this game to see how good I would do...almost. check out the video here.

Gamstop and EB set to merge

I am shocked and awed. It is the merging season or what? First Adobe and Macromedia and now this. Gamestop and Electronics Boutique are set to merge with Gamestop agreeing to buy Gamestop for $1.44 ba-ji-hillion dollars. After the fact, Gamestop (the surviving entity) will have around 22% of the market which is about the same as WalMart. That's a lotta business. More details here.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

E3 is getting closer...

Here's a look at the E3 floor plan, showing where all the vendors will be. Looks like the trek from the Sony booth to the Nintendo booth won't be too bad. See more here Posted by Hello

NARC banned in the Outback

Moral-compass game NARC, you know, the game in which your a cop that walks the fine line between catching bad guys and shooting yourself up with narcotics, has apprently been banned in Austraila. Their Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has refused to give the game a rating, stating that it's inappropriate for minors to play or see. I know it's inappropriate but that's what ratings are for aren't they? I think they went a little overboard with this one. Article here

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Some Atari/PSP love

The hackaday-ers show you (here) how they turned an old Atari 2600 joystick into an external battery pack for the PSP.They've included detailed steps in case you wanted to build one for yourself. Posted by Hello

Game Ratings madness

PC Magazine has an interesting article up here. It's a Dad writing about what he finds wrong with the rating system, how it doesn't seem right that Halo 2 has the same rating as Grand Theft Auto. I'm sure the same could be said for some R rated movies. I think he's correct in stating that parents need to get educated about today's games, they're alot more advanced that pac man and pong were and some parents don't get that. If the family has a good bond, then the parents probably know about what their kids like and whatnot but a lot of parents don't care. The author of the article would also like it if Master Cheif wasn't able to shoot his fellow solders. I don't agree since he doesn't do that on his own or in a cutscene of some sort, it's the player who can make him do that or not. Interesting article none-the-less.

Dead to Rights to Sony PSP

GTA-inspired Dead to Rights is is coming to the Sony PSP this summer. EBGames leaked it first (as they usually do) and it was recently confirmed as shipping 6/7/2005. the ebgames page is here Posted by Hello

Xbox 2 = Xbox 360?

This might be as close as we get to a confirmation prior to May 12th, but accroding to this post on GamesIndustry.biz, the next generation Xbox will indeed be called the Xbox 360. It will be white and be able to stand upright and might even be skinnable. That's pretty much all their source was able to confirm at this point fromt he documents they were able to get a hold of. Keep a close eye on Ourcolony.net also, since there is sure to be more pictures released through that site before the 12th.

That car pic from Ourcolony.net

Apparently that car pic we've been salivating over from the Ourcolony.net site has some text in the binary code of that JPG.  In the file you can see "C.a.r.R.e.n.d.e.r.3.6.0._M.a.g.a.z.i.n.e._.C.o.v.e.r." . Does the 360 imply that the car model is a Ferrari 360 Modena or is this first confirmation that the next-gen Xbox will indeed be the Xbox 360? Time will tell, article here.

Dig the latest Xbox Doom 3 commercial

Here's a good version of the latest Xbox Doom 3 commerial. Pretty good.

Pac up coolnes with Pac Man head cover

Are you special? Want to feel even more special? Grace your glorius cranium with this glorius PacMan headgear. You know you want it. more details here...via kotaku Posted by Hello

AGEIA hoping to revolutionize game physics with the uber ragdoll

Team Xbox has an interview up here with Ageia Technologies Inc and how they hope to deliver awsomely amazing physical to next-gen console (maybe) and pc games via their PhysX PPU (Physics Processing Unit) and the Novodex SDK. This sounds good and all but when will we be able to see it in action? Soon, apprently. When asked if some form of their chip would appear in any next-gen consoles Manju Hegde replies: "On this one, you will have to wait."...hmmm

The Tomb Raider Legends website is up and has some kewl 3d pictures you can scroll around in. Gives you a good look at the new Croft model and how the game might look. This series is in a serious need of an update so I hope the deviate a bit from the previous titles. check the site out here Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The PSP I want to be

Kotaku has a pic of the luckiest PSP ever. The PSP love pics are getting racier and racier. Where will it lead next? Posted by Hello