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Friday, April 29, 2005

Halo 2 World tournament

Want to compete in a Worldwide Halo 2 tournament? You can Register here if you think you're Halo 2 skills are up to snuff. The tourny will begin in the Rumble Pit beginning May 2nd. Your stats will be recorded until May 30th where a winner will be announced based on who has the higest ranking. The highest ranking US player will then move on to the World Cahpionships which will be a double-elimination slayer format. The global winner will get $1,500 cash, a 50-inch Samsung DLP television and HD DVD player/recorder, a 24-karat-gold Halo 2 disc, and a trophy. The highest ranking US player will get $500 in cash, a Samsung digital camcorder, and some Halo 2 gear, which includes a half-size statue of the game's hero, Master Chief. The official tournament website is here. Check it out for more details.


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