Game Ratings madness

PC Magazine has an interesting article up here. It's a Dad writing about what he finds wrong with the rating system, how it doesn't seem right that Halo 2 has the same rating as Grand Theft Auto. I'm sure the same could be said for some R rated movies. I think he's correct in stating that parents need to get educated about today's games, they're alot more advanced that pac man and pong were and some parents don't get that. If the family has a good bond, then the parents probably know about what their kids like and whatnot but a lot of parents don't care. The author of the article would also like it if Master Cheif wasn't able to shoot his fellow solders. I don't agree since he doesn't do that on his own or in a cutscene of some sort, it's the player who can make him do that or not. Interesting article none-the-less.


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