My Xbox 360 WalMart experience

Not being a memeber of the cool kids press/bloggers club, I reveled in the chance to play the actual Xbox 360 when I saw a WalMart employee setting up the Xbox 360 kiosk in the elctronics department in my local WalMart. The whole experience was ok and all but only a few of us got to play. The demo froze up on us! The first guy to play the Xbox 360 (they had just set up the display) got some Kameo and Call of Duty 2 in but when he tried to King Kong demo, he said it froze up on him. So I fgured I'd just stay away from that one. I play some Kameo and Call of Duty and then I leave, expecting to come back the next day to get some more hands on time.

When I came back though, the whole console was shut off. When I asked the employee who had set it up the day before, he told me it kept "overheating". I don't know if that was really the case or not but it seemed to be. When no one was looking, I turned it back on, plugged the controller back in (that's right, not wireless) and fired it back up. I tried to go back into the Call of Duty demo but the game froze at the loading screen this time, not even letting me play one second of it. It seemd worse off than the day before. Was it really overheating that made it progressively worse? I don't know but it sure seemed like it. Overall, it left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to the Xbox 360. The games looked nice and the controller felt "like buttah" but damn, it would've been ince to play a game or two.


Dr. Seuss said…
You didn't call me?!?!?!?! JERK!
Was this the same walmart where we took care of business for halo 2?
Curtis said…
I didn't call because it was broke! Now I think they just unplugged the whole thing. Stop by there on your way home and give it a one over. it's a bit disappointing.
Dr. Seuss said…
Or......I could just go home and play some Far Cry, Which rocks by the way!!!
Curtis said…

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