Kutaragi slings more next-gen mud, touts PS3 as the end all

Kutaragi is a confident man. Confident enough to say that the Xbox 360 is not going after the Playstation 3 but the PS2.
This time, Microsoft has stated clearly it is going after the PlayStation. However, they are not going after the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 2. Because they looked at 2, the Xbox 360 became what it is.
Damn. Like Sony can do no wrong and are masters of all things tech. They do make nice shiny devices but I mean, were those demos at E3 real time? Wasn't the PS2 supposed to make us cry because it was to have been so beautiful? I'll believe the PS3 capabilities when I have one in my hand. He also goes on to state:
the messages of the Xbox 360 and PS3 differ clearly. Xbox 360 emphasized it is a game machine which is complete as a platform. PS3 emphasized the possibility of technology.
Right. Like I said, put it in my hand and I'll all for it. The Xbox 360 doesn't get all the love though, where the heck is Perfect Dark Zero? Wasn't that supposed to be a launch title? It sure looked like kaka on that MTV "unveiling" event they had. I guess we'll see though. -via teamxbox-


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