Too Good to be True

Nvidia announced that they are still developing the RSX graphics chip for the Playstation 3. That must mean that the Killzone demo we saw was either, pre-rendered, or it was running on some other graphics chip that will have similar capabilities to the PS3's RSX. Of course, you cannot rule out the theory that maybe the demo was running on a prototype RSX. The question is now whether the graphics be better or worse that what we saw at E3. Incidently, the Xbox 360 demos weren't running on actual 360 hardware either. They were running on dual apple G5s, which are the dev kits that Microsoft gave out to game developers. Was what we saw at E3 all a lie? Will the actual in game graphics be better or worse than what was shown at E3? I guess we will still have to wait another couple of months to see what these systems can really do.

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