Why Microsoft is losing the next-gen PR battle

As we all have seen, Sony's Playstation 3 has been getting a lot of hype recently. Microsoft's Xbox 360? Not so much. I must say that it's nice that we are beginning to see just what the Xbox 360 may be capable of since it's due to be released in a few short months (on Nov 22nd) but why haven't we seen anything of Killzone 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4 caliber yet? True, Kameo does look pretty good now but nothing has blown my socks off the way the Killzone and Metal Gear trailers did. But I'm hesitant to completly trust Sony. They were a little too "the playstation 2 is going to change your world"-ish at the beginning of the previous generation and we ended up being a little underwhelmed but still content. The point is, the Playstation 3 is beginning to take up all of the next-gen-fanboy-pr-hype space that should be all about Microsoft right now. They launch in 2 months and what was everyone stoked about at TGS and even E3? Playstation 3 games. This isn't looking too good for Microsoft. They did release some more Gears of War screenshots but c'mon, screenshots! That doesn't exactly get the fanboy blood burning. You can tell Peter Moore doesn't seem all that "we're gonna whup Sony's Snake lovin a$$!" in this clip where he tries to downplay Sony's buzz building TGS footage. For Microsoft's sake, I really hope that origen xbox360 site is Halo 3 related. MS needs the master cheif right now. The Xbox 360 just hasn't been extremly compelling for me yet. The fact that they seem to be hiding Project Dark Zero isn't too encouraging either. Isn't that supposed to be a relase game? Where is all the footage for that?


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