The hunt for World of Warcraftian profits

Square Enix is looking to expand their MMO offerings since Blizzard proved that you can make beaucoup d'argent in that space. I don't get the whole gaming-on-your-cellphone freezy but that could be that as a whole, the US get's no advance mobile phone love.


Anonymous said…
Count Duckula coming to DVD, a late discovery while blogging
Filed under: TV on DVD , Animation , Cable Count Duckula was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and, admittedly, as an adult, too.
I just read your blog – very nice. I made myself a blog and a web site, Accidents and Injuries that covers Accidents and Injuries and more. Check it out if you have the time.
Curtis said…
I loved count duckula, espcially that one episode about the rouge blog spammer who would constantly post unrelated comments on unsuspecting blog. I loved that episode, he was all like "ohh look at this blog about chocolate, i think i'll post a comment about my radioactive glow fish!". Love it.

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