Balmer vs Sony

Investor's Business Daily recently chatted up Microsoft's CEO Steve Balmer who had some choice words for Sony. He basically criticised Sony for having a crap (my words) online strategy and an expensive Blu-Ray drive. At the recent CES show in Vegas, there were Blu-Ray players going for over $1000...if i recall correctly. Basically, he doesn't know anything about the Playstation 3 (does anyone though?) so he's not too worried...

Nobody knows when PlayStation 3 is going to come. The rumours are it will come out in the spring, but only in Japan. And nobody knows what PlayStation 3 is going to cost. PlayStation 3 has a (Blu-ray Disc) drive built in, so who knows what the heck they're going to charge for the thing, because those are very expensive drives. Who the heck knows what the games are going to look like for PlayStation 3?...So, a lot of questions. And Sony has no strategy for an online service.

Just had to throw in that last line on their online service, kick'em while they're down steve, atta boy!


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