E3 is going away...kind of

Next-Generation's scoop on E3 being no more caused quite a ruckus Sunday night. But was it misleading? I think the title of thier post was a little doomsday-ish but and it was enough to get Ars Technica to swing at them, calling the Next-Gen story "simply untrue". Next-Gen posted a follow up later Sunday night basically stating that they were pretty much right, E3 as it may have been once known is no more. Why? Because all of the big publishers noticed that spending as much as they were on E3 did not really impact their bottom line as they would have hoped. Basically, spending a load of money did not ensure that you would make that load back come the elease time. Disappointing? Sure. I wonder if this will turn the tide toward more results based promotional efforts. Like more interation with the web and bloggers in general.


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