Micro Machines V4 reviewed

The concept of Micro Machines seemed pretty neat to me. Being able to race mini cars in "real world" environments brought back my young days of playing with my hardcore stunt matchbox cars. Would that same joy and destructive happiness resurface with Micro Machines? This answer isn't no but closer to a "kind of". What the game has going for it:

-Car selection and unlocakables. When I first starting playing the game, one of the first things I noticed is the sheer amount of unlocaklable content. There are a ton of arenas and cars to unlock. That alone adds to this game's stickiness.

-The unique racing mechanics. The point of these races isn't to out race your opponent isn't to out race them. The point is to beat them by getting more points. You see, when you either get way ahead of your opponent(s) or knock them off of the track, you get a point. When they do the same to you, they gain a point and you lose a point. Basically, you have to "win" a certain number of times in a row to win.

-The sounds. The sounds just scream old school with the seemingly 80s arcade inspired beeps and dings. Gotta love it.

-You can play two player with only one controller! Chalk this up as just plain innovation. While it's a bit odd to share one PS2 controller between two people it pretty much guarantees that you will always be able to play with a friend.

What the game has going against it:

-The unique racing mechanics. While the points system is a bit different for a racing game, it can get a bit frustrating playing the same race for 20+ minutes because you're going back and forth points-wise with your opponents. After a while, the cool tracks can begin to look a bit dull when you're rounding that one corner the 50th time.

That's really the only downside. It's a good time and a cheap thrill and you only need one controller to play with two people. Micro Machines, cool and innovatice at times as but can get repetitive when the races linger on.

note: pics aren't uploading now for some reason. I'll try again in a few...


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