Nintendo Revolution 3D talk not true?

Thanks to an ex-Nintendo employee who is supposedly developing games for the Revolution comes word that the recent 3d talk about the Nintendo Revolution is false. The Revolution will have wireless, pressure-sensative controls that users squeeze to provide feedback to the game. Squeeze the controller to go faster was an example. "Advanced voice control" is supposed to be included whatever that means. How advanced can you get? Senior Anonymous also stated that the Revolution will sport a free Xbox-Live type of service. This would be kewl. I would seriously buy the Revolution just for that. Having to pay for Xbox Live after paying for my high speed connection is a pain in the arse. Senior Anonymous decliened to state what the exact "Revolution" will be saying that Nintendo had some big pre-E3 plans in that regard. We'll see if anything big pre-E3 comes from Nintendo. That would indicate how big of a chunk of salt to take this info with. check out the other Gamespot rumors in rumor control


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