Xbox 360 IS backward compatible

Hearing that the Xbox 360 will be backward compatible makes me feel better about possibly buying one. The news that sent me full on into the Xbox camp is that Microsoft convinced Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy XI to the Xbox 360. It will take advantage of the systems graphic capabilitites as well and all the Xbox live goodness. Microsoft is also looking to have 25-40 titles available for the Xbox 360 launch (up to 3 months after the release date). There will be two version of Xbox Live, Silver, which will offer basic Live functionality like the ability to send voice and text messages and "other" basic features, and Gold. GoldMembers will pick up the multiplayer functionality and spectator mode which you will be able to...ummm....spectate. All Xbox 360 buyers will get one month of free Gold service for buying the new system. Woah, that's a lot to take in. No word on whether Squre Enix is doing any Xbox exclusives but the fact that they're bringing a Final Fantasy game to the Xbox 360 means they saw something they liked. If they like, I love. I'm all over the Xbox 360. Maybe. I think Microsoft sending me a free Xbox 360 would put me completely in their camp :)


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