Xbox 360 hands on reports start to trickle in

Since the taping of the MTV Xbox 360 unveiling was just last night (Thursday) it was only a matter of time until something got leaked. Kotaku has recieved reports that Perfect Dark was playable as well as versions of Unreal, Quake and Brothers in Arms. Apparently they all looked pretty damn slick, which was to be expected. It was also reported that the system doesn't look that different than all the pictures we've been seeing lately and the white controller pics are accurate. I've seen wireless and wired controller pics but no word on whether the controller is wireless or not. I'm starting to think the "wireless" shots were shots of a prototype or a form demo or something. Also, the pictured pictured above is said to close to the actual Xbox 360 logo (pic from MAjorNelson who has some pics from the event, no fun spoilers though). The actual logo being (supposedly)
a 4x5 square of dots, some empty, some filled.
You can almost taste the E3 in the air now. So.Close.


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