PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Revolution

Now that there are all kinds of details about the next generation of video game systems coming our way, who has the best system? Post your comments about the different systems. Personally, based off of the numbers and engineering facts, I put my money on the PS3. Of course Xbox 360 has got Halo 3 coming to it (according to Bill Gates himself). Halo has been the number one reason to buy an Xbox for quite some time now. Will it also move the 360 off the shelf as well as it did the first Xbox? I think if Killzone for the PS3 is as good as it's looking right now, Microsoft might be in a little bit of trouble. Let us also not forget the Revolution. It sounds like a dream come true to have the ability to download any game that Nintendo has ever made for any of its console systems. Pricing is going to be a big factor in the future of the console wars. I think the pricing might be more competitive than some people are saying. The PS3 has some pretty insane specs, and I bet Sony takes a hit in profits and sells the PS3 for a lower price than we expect. Microsoft is now making its own computer chips and doesn't need to contract out to other companies to produce computer chips. This will indeed help Microsoft control it's selling price a little better. Nintendo has always been the bargain gaming platform and I would venture to say it will stay that way moving into the next generation. The war may wage on between the systems but the good news is for the gamers. The competition will spwan some pretty sweet games for the next round and I sure as hell am excited to see the games I'll be playing next year.

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Curtis said…
I think the 360 coming out quite a bit earlier than the PS3 is one of the best things the X360 has going for it. Sony is notorious for over-hyping their hardware but having said that, Killzone 2 looked damn good, cutscene or not.

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