Is there a chance of the Playstation 3 being delayed?

Even though the inquirer's credibility isn't the best, they do bring up some interesting details in regards to the Playstation 3 and why there's still a chance it may not even make it's fall launch date. For starters, the device as it stands may still be too big to fit entirely inside the PS3 case Sony has been using since announcing the device itself (pictured).

Being too big isn't too bad of a problem since Sony could either come up with smaller components or figure out some way to shoehorn all the needed pieces into the planned space. What's more concerning is "the fact" that Playstation 3 dev kits are relatively scarce. If this "fact" is true, then that gives even more backbone to the argument that the final Playstation 3 specs and details aren't even finalized yet. Now, granted, being 7 months from release, this may not be all that big of an issue but it could be. Especially if Sony's E3 presence is as disaapointing as some are expecting it to be. Either way, these next few months are going to be vital for Sony in making sure they're able to defend their throne from the coming Xbox 360 onslaught. Every day that passes with no Playstion online hub, is a day lost to Xbox Live.


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