More Huxley details emerge

I've been looking forward to getting some more information about the PC/Xbox 360 MMO/FPS mashup Huxley. 1up says it's one of the most ambitious games they've seen in a while, and usually ambitious means "maybe a little hard to explain but it will rock!". In this case, that kind of applies. I'll take a whack:

Huxley will eventually be available for the Xbox 360 and the PC and they will be cross-compatible. Meaning that on your Xbox 360 version you will be able to play with/against players on the PC version and vice versa. Both versions won't be available at the same time. Since the PC version will apparently be MMO-only, it will come out first, with the Xbox 360 coming out later due to the Xbox 360 version of the game having a full blown single player campaign to play through. Finishing the single player campaign will give you some extras that the PC players won't be privy too but I wouldn't expect them to be all that earth shattering.

How was that? I didn' think it was too bad. Another aspect of Huxley that I was(am) looking forward to, was their implementation of the Unreal 3 engine. It looks like it's coming together pretty well. The PC and Xbox 360 versions are supposed to be pretty close graphically and the screenshots they have are keeping me satisfied. Hopefully, we'll get some more info at E3. Well, not "at" E3 since no one is getting me into E3 but "from" E3 rather.


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