Will Halo 3 be "Forerunner"?

In Game Informer's April issue, they had a spread on how Bungie's next game will not be Halo 3 per se, but Forerunner. Now does this mean that Halo 3 will be a prequel of sorts since Halo 1 a & 2 are supposed to be taking place way after Forerunner's time or does this signal a new direction of sorts for the franchise? No one knwos for sure but I would say it's about time we start getting some information about whatever they're working on. I We are starved for information and if we have to wait for too long, we'll be moving on. Ok...not really. No matter if the next HAlo didn't come out until 2010, I'd still be the first in line. There's also a rumor that Bungie is working on a Halo-based MMO. True, false? Who knows. But I would dig an MMO set in that universe. Hopefully we'll be getting some new information at E3. At least I hope so. PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease.


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