Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

I finally got a chance to play Ubisoft's latest on the Xbox 360 and I wanted to post my impressions I left with aftere a few hours of gameplay.

First of all, it looks slick. It looks real slick on an HDTV. All of the UI elements on the screen add some pop and sizzle. The enemy highlighting is especially cool. IT doesn't seem to work as quickly or exactly the same for every enemy but it was pretty nice none the less.

The audio is nice too, it was cool to see the mission be aborted everytime you died (which is a lot). Your interaction with your AI buddies is nice too. You can easily give them commands via the D-Pad while you watch them do exactly what you say, even if you send them directly into harm's way.

Overall, it felt like a $60 game. Everything was nice and sharp and just pretty fun to interact with. The few things that dig bug me were the often confusing (who reads the manual, honestly!) menu screens. I just want to state that there should be no loading EVER for navigating the menu screens. That's just a pain. Another thing that irked me was co-op. It took us a mintue to figure out how to play the co-op Campaign but when we did, we were disappointed to find that once you or your teammate dies, that's it. There's no respawning until you're both dead, you only get one shot. They probably went with this choice to make it "more real" or whatever but if i'm playing a co-op game, how fun is it if my partner sucks and gets killed within a few minutes? They have to sit and wait until I die so when I do die, we can start all over again. Ugh. Not fun.

Those are my likes and dislikes so far. I'll play it some more and post if my feelings change.


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