Return of the Guitar Hero

My daughter recently got to play this one at a local Best Buy and it was a flippin blast. Hearing my daughter bang out some Metallica gave me a kind of warm fuzzy I didn't think I'd ever have. For those 5 minutes, she was a rockstar, then I made her let me play. I was rocking out. I was almost tempted to go grab a hair band wig and bandana and some leather chaps but I don't think I would get the full respect I would have deserved from the Best Buy staff. Something tells me that hardcore rockers like us just wouldn't be appreciated by the khaki pants army that is best buy. Oh well, at least I'll get to show the world how hard I rock when Guitar Hero II comes out this fall (November actually) from RedOctane. Although the actual song list isn't released (and probably won't be for a while), there's supposed to be around 40 songs covering the many rock-able generes and even different some co-op multiplayer play.


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