Interview with Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment

I'm about sick of this Perfect Dark one sheet. The game is supposed to be a launch title and this is the most seen image from the game. The actual game looked like poo on that MTV-Xbox unvieling. Oh well, winsupresite has part one and part two of an interview with Jeff Henshaw, aka Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment. Jeff on Sony's 1080p:
The total number of 1080p-capable TVs on the planet today is ... zero. There are none. Sony has got a dual ... I want to make sure I say this right, because it's science fiction. They had dual HDMI outputs off the back of the console. And I think that there's some theory that you could take dual 1080i signals and interlace them together to have a progressively rendered scene. But again, there are no TVs that actually support this. I think most people are going to actually take one of the HDMI outputs and just feed it out at 1080i.

Jeff on the competition:
You know, here's the thing you have to keep in mind. Leading into E3, we had about four weeks of exclusive press coverage. We did the MTV announce, we did a constant stream of press releases, so that it was nothing but Xbox 360 for the four to six weeks leading up to E3. At E3, Sony had all the new news, because they were using E3 as their sole announce. They had a newness, or new buzz, around them and what they were talking about.

They key thing for us with Xbox 360 is that even after the Sony announce, we feel like we've built the right product with the right set of features for customers at the right time. And as we launch, and as we are the exclusive hi-def gaming platform this holiday season, I don't think we need to get into a tit-for-tat with Sony. We've already shown that the hardware is basically a jump ball. Each system has its highs and each system has its lows. They beat us in floating point and we beat them dramatically in integer.


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