Take-Two Interactive Software might sue Action Replay

Looks like Take-Two might pursue legal action against you-can't-get-hot-coffe-without-us console perpheral makers Action Replay (you can get hot coffee without them specifically but you would have to use a similar product). Take-two released a statement today that read
Take-Two is exploring its legal options as it relates to companies that profited from creating and distributing tools for altering the content of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Basically meaning that mod enablers should worry about what kind of modding they allow. In more GTA drama for your mama, the ESRB has assigned GTA San Andres with the AO (adults only) rating for people who want to buy the game until Rockstar finishes their Hot Coffee free version. What do the politicos have to say about this one? What's the next game on their radar? Do publishers now have to worry about how their content can be altered and sacrafice their total creative vision? Would this be akin to suing Ford Motors when some street racer mods his Ford Mustang to reach 200+mph and busts the speed limit wide open somewhere?


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