That crazy Kutaragi is at it again

Speaking with the Electronic Engineering Times Asis, Ken Kutaragi, hubmle and soft-spoken CEO of Sony Computer Enetertainment, is out making "we're-gonng-change-the-world-and-blow-your-minds" statements again. Saying the PS3 will be more akin to an extremely heft Cell-based computer. Looks like Sony is planning to do more than just be the end-all entertainment hub.
Kutaragi also gave an explanation of the Cell's strengths as a processor for laymen: " The model image for the Cell-based network may be the Internet: Servers around the world form one virtual 'computer,' and each PC accesses it." High security measures are built into the processor to prevent malicious code from infecting connected clusters of Cell-based machines; to prevent direct access to the processor itself, said the executive, "Application programs can no longer directly access the hardware; instead they will have to be written in high-level, object-oriented language."

After explaining how it works, Kutaragi made lofty predictions for the Cell's future. "The Cell processor will completely change the concept of programming," he claimed, and that "I am sure that a technology revolution is about to occur, not only within Sony but throughout the digital consumer electronics industry."

You so crazy! So I wonder if this means that with the PS3, I might be able to server up my own websites for the world to see. Hmmm.


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