Casual games mint their own money

Korean company Nexon Corporation has this game called Kart Rider that is creazy popular in Korea. The game itself only takes 5-10 minutes to play so it's perfect for the quick gaming fix. There are even some people who play this game professionally. They have sponsors who pay them to race with their sponsors logo on their car. What's even more interesting to note is that that game brough the company $1110 million last year and has already made them $250 million this year. With the game being free how do they do it?
he money comes from selling virtual upgrades. From fancier looking cars to rockets you can fire at other racers, to balloons and other cute things, these $0.50-$2 items add up fast.

BusinessWeek even cites a 9-year-old who paid $2.50 for a new avatar, $3.50 for a faster car, $2.50 for goggles that prevent smoke from blocking your vision while racing, and more. To a total tune of $150 USD.
I'm soooo in the wrong business.


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