Full Auto review

Maybe my expectations we set a little low by reading the somewhat negative reviews onling gaming site were giving Sega's Full Auto, or maybe my eye isn't as critical. I'm not sure but I do know that playing Full Auto is one heck of a good time. The game looks nice, sounds nice and even plays pretty nice.

The game is filled with little touches that, overall, add up to a fun experience. If your going pretty fast and you take a dramatic jump, the game automatically replays the jump from a different angle while letting you control your car the whole time. The boost looks pretty intense too, everything turns into a blur for a few brief moments while you pray you don't slam in to a wall and self destruct. If you like self-destruction, fret not, you can blow yourself up too in hopes of damaging an opponent. Nice.

This isn't some souped up twisted metal clone either. One of the features that's different in this game is the Unwreck feature. Don't like the way you took that turn and slammed into that oil tanker? If your unwreck meter is full enough, go back in time a few seconds to right before you took the turn and alter your course just enough to not crash and burn. Unwrecking is so useful, you might try to do it too much. The game won't let you go too crazy with it though, it keeps you in check.

I haven't unlocked all there is to unlock yet and I haven't really explored online play yet but I figured that I'd post my review. Overall, it's a damn fun game where the gameplay boils down to drive fast, come in first and blow everything up. Does the gameplay get tired after a while? It hasn't for me yet, I still dig it. This is one of the most fun Xbox 360 games I've played so far (I've played Call of Duty, Kameo, Prerfect Dark Zero and Condemned). The graphics are good, the gameplay is still solid for me and I just flat out have a good time with it.


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