News dump

Let's jump right into the Playstation 3. Apparenlty, Sony is looking to make a big splash in the online console gaming space which has so far been ruled with an iron fist by Xbox Live. Apparently they are gunning for XBL and plan on matching XBL feature for feature as well as introducing a host of other features. There's talk of the Playstation 3 coming with full DVR capability and the ability to play contnt from your Playstation 3 on your other devices, which I'm sure Sony is hoping includes their PSP. Should Micosoft's Xbox team be worried? I would be since the Playstation's built in user base is huge by default (over a bajillion PS2s sold). It's good that's Sony now seems to be getting just how big the whole concept of Xbox Live is to the future of gaming itself. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Before I forget, I got sent Perfect Dark Zero a while back but since I didn't have an Xbox 360 to play it on, it sat and gathered dust for a bit. Well, I got a chance to play it recently a week or two ago....and I haven't played it since. The game just felt sluggish to me. There just seemed to be a lot going on that I didn't care about. The levels are huge and nice looking and all but I found myself becoming dependent on the floor arrows that appeared to show you the right way to go. It was alright but I wouldn't go past renting it.

"Halo 3 will be out before X'mas 2006. Exact words were Quarter 4 of 2006."

Meet the Microsoft Xbox Live aliens! (wtf?!?) IT sounds funny but due to my lack of proper codecs on this box, I couldn't see any pictures. Found some here though.

The Nintendo DS gets an extreme makeover and drops some weightage and picks up a new name, the Nintendo DS Lite.

Looks like James "Terminator 2" Cameron is getting into the MMO space to promote his next venture. How many MMOs can the public take?


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