Girls in gaming

Nice article here that totally blows out the "pink box" theory of developing games for girls. The "pink box" theory being something along the lines of, if we make it pretty and pink then girls will want to play it. The girls in this article or tweens or young teens who play counter strike, and whoop some serious a$$ it seems.

A-Play's logged 37 kills so far. And she's only been playing for 15 minutes. The boys, ejected from the oversized leather chairs to make room for the gals, gather around A-Play, aka 12-year-old Arielle...

Not only do they show and prove their leet skillz, they also inspire fear in the hearts of the male counterparts...

So, how do they feel about these girls gaming?

"Waste of time," says one boy.

Care to put your name to that bold statement?

"No, you better not," cautions another pre-teen boy. "You'll get your ass kicked."

Kicked indeed.


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