God of War 2 coming to Playstation 2?

Eurogamer got a hold of some leaked Sony marketing information and posted the goodness on their site. They had to take it down shortly after they put it up when Sony threated legal action. Sounds like what they leaked is somewhat true then so thank the gaming gods Gamasutra got a hold of the info before it was taking down. The goods are that God of War 2 will be released February of 2007 for the PS2 starring Kratos and giving him some new abilities, like flight.

Some info was also leaked on Gran Turismo 4 Online Edition which will supposedly be released in the 2nd quater of this year and allow all kinds of online racing goodness. Killzone for the PSP, which is going to be a direct sequel to the original PS2 Killzone, was also mentioned as being released on November 3rd.


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