Microsoft's upcoming origami project

Is Microsoft's "Origami" project a handheld device that you may be able to play Halo on? In this little advert/test video/whatever it sure looks like. Microsoft did confirm that they were involved in the making of this video but that is was from a year ago. God I hope so. If the final product looked like that, no one would buy it. Fear of looking less cool than Sony PSP and Nintendo DS tote-ers would keep consumers far away. That thing is way to big to be cool. Sure it would be fun to get osme portable Halo gaming in but I don't want the whole friggin world to know I have one and I don't want to sacrifice one arm just to lug it around everywhere because it doesn't fit in my pocket. The only good that comes out of this is the confirmation of sorts that Microsoft is building some sort of handheld device. It's perfect if you think about it. Sony is going after Microsoft's Xbox Live service by building an online service of their own and Microsoft is going after Sony's PSP but building their own "handheld" device. When I say handheld, think first generation cell phone handheld. Fugly.


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