Halo 2 still kicks ass on Xbox 360

In case you were worried, Halo 2 still kicks ass on the Xbox 360. It looks and works pretty much the same. The only noticable difference, you may have problems hopping into some Xbox Live games:

Halo 2 on Xbox 360 did deliver its own set of problems. At one point during the hour-long session, each on of our team members was simply unable to join the session. Associate Editor Jon Miller, who used a new retail Xbox 360, was unable to ever get on and play. He switched the controller, switched the game, switched the cables, TV, player names, what have you. He eventually played split-screen with me, which temporarily solved the problem. Several times other players couldn't even see the game session, but that happened democratically -- at some point during the session each one of us was unable to join a session.
Also not good, the fact that some Xbox 360s seem to be overheating for people. I wouldn't say it's "widespread" but it can't be fun to be them right now.


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