IEMA responds to ESRB's F rating

The National Media Institute released a report recently that blasted the ESRB rating system, stating that they're secret undercover shoppers were able to buy all kinds of bad 'M' rated games. They gave the ESRB these grades:
  • Ratings Education: C+
  • Retailers' Policies: B
  • Retailers' Enforcement: D-
  • Ratings Accuracy: F
  • Arcade Survey: B-
  • Industry's 10-year cumulative grade: D+
    F for accuracy? Have they played these games? How are they not rated properly? Should GTA be given a differnet rating? Should Spongebob? I digress, the IEMA president released a statment doubting their polling methods and paints them as not doing their job properly. A statement I agree with.


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