Halo script gets reviewed!

One hell of a way to start a monday morning...Movie site LatinoReview got their hands on the actual Halo script and they give us some details on what we could expect from the flick. Why should you believe anything this site says? Becuase they have been pretty good about getting scoops in the past and they are just flat out good. What did they think of Halo? They say it rocks hardcore. The reviewer doesn't even have an Xbox and has never played Halo but this script set him all a twitter (my words, not his). I'll be damed if it doesn't sound way cool though. He covers what the first act entails and some pieces of what you can expect in the rest of the script. Sounds like we'll be seeing everything from the 12 ft tall Hunters to the seemingly ALBINO MASTER CHIEF. By the way MC is written about in the script, he seems to be possibly albino. Which is good for the albino movement since albinos have been getting bad raps in some recent movies, those naughty twins in the matrix movies, Silas from the DaVinci code etc... Here's a script snippet:
MC removes his helmet – his skin is bleached white and his head his shaved to the scalp.
In the script, we never see his face though. What's cool is that they're very faithful to the script, MC is seven feet tall and all that jazz. I hope we don't get a "name" playing the part of MC since that'll just be distracting. But I digress...The coolest part of this whole script review is the Master Chief's first line of dialog in the whole flick...
The door to the Cyro-Storage chamber cracks its seal, and then rises open. The Spartan lunges forwards, reflexively, snapped into consciousness. The two engineers jump back. MC reaches out to place a hand either side of the Cyro-Chamber, then steps out. He takes a moment as he surveys his surroundings. Looks to the left, then his right. Then down at the two men. He towers over them and they seem to shrink under the blank gaze of his visor as he speaks his first words on page 10 of this script. "What are my orders?".
That's token Master Chief right there. Wakes up and is ready to kick some covenant ass. Damn this movie is going to rock...



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