Reviving Tomb Raider

Some developers involved with the upcoming Tomb Raider game speak on how they're hoping to bring Laura back to her former glory . This scared me a bit:
"When we set out to do this we looked carefully at the original Tomb Raiders. What made them popular? Why did people like them? The accusation that we are looking at her heritage is correct. But I think we have brought modern day expectations to bear. We've gone for a more cohesive experience in terms of the game's systems, level design and story. Those things are more tightly interrelated than anything on the series before."
I think the previous games weren't fun. The control scheme sucked and in turn, the whole game slagged on from level to level. I don't recall playing more than 2-3 levels before I got bored. It seems like they really want to make this work so I guess I can give them the benefit of the doubt. I just hope the pace if faster, I don't have time for camera-zooming her hot bod. Give me some gameplay!


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