Xbox 360 about more than just games

News like this just tickles my fancy. I believe this points to a whole new area of gaming about to be split wide open. The casual gamer will finally get their due. I mean, Gauntlet  and Smash TV  for crying out loud! I'm all over it. Well, I will be all over it once Halo 3 gives me a reason to get an Xbox 360 that is. It seems like the Xbox 360 is doing a pretty good job at being about more than just games. There the whole Live Marketplace and Arcade aspect, the Media Center aspect and all that goodness. I'm almost tempted to almost think abot buying one just so I don't have to burn cds and dvds to get what's on my pc in my living room. I wonder how, or if, Sony is planning something to combat the Live Marketplace. I hear somewhere that they wouldn't be doing an Xbox live-type service so maybe they won't.


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