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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nintendo may never release Revolution tech specs?

I guess their kind of saying, in a way, that they're "Revolution" won't be as revolutionary in terms of hardware. Nintendo of Europe's marketing director Jim Merrick states that Nintendo may never release the Revolution's technical specs. I say they wouldn't have to, as soon as ars technia gets their hands on one I'm sure they would rip that machine to shreds (watch them get down on the video iPod) and fill us hungry for stats. In another way, it's kind of refreshing that they won't be giving us the specs. Merrick also mentions that there won't be any game footage without the game being playable. So basically, no Sony-style smoke and mirrors. No showing us fancy demos or "in-game" footage without people being able to actually sit-down and play it themselves.  It'll be interesting to see how this campaing works out for them. Will being so different from the crowd polarize consumers or set them up in a division of their own?


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