Nintendo DS moves millions...Sony PSP who?

The Nintendo DS has sold more than 5,440,000 units (5.4 million but written out it seems even more impressive) 13 months after the console was launched. Sales were slow at first but once some actual games came out the DS began to build some momentum. Reaching a fever pitch with the release of Nintendogs. Things keep getting better for the DS with Mario Kart DS and Animal Crossing DS doing some impresive numbers as well as driving sales of the Nintendo DS as well. If I had to compare the Nintendo DS timeline to the Sony PSP's, I would say the Sony PSP is still in "needing a Sony equivalent to Nintendogs" stage". Seems like the PSP is trying to do a little too much, with all the RSS reading, web browsing, video watching and such. Games haven't really been a high point for the DS. All of the recent news I've heard about the PSP have been related to firmware versions, feature additions and it's hackability. Not much, if anything, on the actual games. Will that ever change?


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