Hackers hard at work on hacking away at the Xbox 360

A Dutch hacker group is claiming that they are getting closer to cracking the Xbox 360's copy protection, which would enable the system to play pirated games. All they have been able to do so far is work out a way to copy the contents of a game disk onto the system's hard drive. I guess they even released the tools to do this somewhere, probably in some corroded, underground bunker guarded by heavy set bodyguards. They are still working on getting the system to recognize and play this copied content. History dictates that they will crack it eventaully but as for now, I'm sure that someone on the Xbox 360 dev team is laughing at the percieved futility of someone trying to crack the Xbox 360. I'm also sure that soon, that those laughs and chuckles with turn to bittersweet tears. It's only a matter of time.


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