Are GamePro reviews plants?

And not just are the reviews bought by the companies that made the game that the review is about, but does GamePro determine what their content is based on who buys ad space in their mag? Recently EGM's main man Dan Hsu lashed out at rival video games magazines for basically having no journalistic integrity. While he didn't name any specific names, he claimed that these other mags would give in to publisher demands as long as they bought some ad space in the long running mag. Well, one of the magazine companies Hsu was lashing out against could have been GamePro. Why is that you ask? Well apparently, Gamepro recently gave the as yet unpublished Dead or Alive 4 a perfect score. That's all well and good, the game could very well be close to perfect. But now word is coming out that Dead or Alive 4 maybe be delayed yet again. So, how do you give an unfinished game a perfect score? Just one of things that make you go hmmmm...


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