Devil May Cry 4 demo not all in-game footage

Not all too surprising but the Devil May Cry 4 footage being shown recently (e3 and tgs) wasn't all in-game PS3 footage.

Since then, two trailers have been shown for the game -- one seconds-long teaser clip at E3 this year and then a longer teaser video shown at the Tokyo Game Show. Given how early the game is in development, Kobayashi notes that the TGS trailer was not created entirely using in-game footage like the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at the same show. "It's actually kind of split [between in-game footage and CG]," says Kobayashi. "For example, Dante's movements and some of that stuff is actually in-game, but some of the special effects are still just things that we had going [for the trailer]."


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