Previous Halo 3 post...bogus

I probably should have noticed it sooner but that "Reserve your copy of Halo 3" picture we posted earlier is a fake. Arguably the largest Halo fansite,, got wind of this a few weeks back and broke it down. Proving that it was nothing more than a poorly executed photoshop mock-up. Maybe not so poor if it fooled a lot of us (including


Anonymous said…
Actually, that banner on the side of the sign, I've seen in person. An FYE had it in a local mall about a month or longer ago. So FYE was actually taking reservations for Halo 3. Most likely, just some ploy FYE did to make money.
Anonymous said…
For what it's worth, I live in Washington DC and have seen this sign in several stores. One was an FYE in Arundel Mills Mall, the other was an FYA in the Georgetown Mall. It's a real sign. What's the big deal?

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